Taylor and Chase

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How We Met

Chase knew about me long before I knew about him. About two years prior to us dating, Chase was told about me through a mutual friend. The exact words of the friend were: “Do you know who you should date and marry?” Chase answered puzzled and said, “Who?” The problem was I didn’t know about him, and I was living and going to college in Tennessee. Fast forward to 2015, I happened to be visiting my mom who worked at the school Chase teaches and coaches at. I was talking to my mom in the office and in walks Chase. He acts like he’s getting a cupcake and then comes and offers me the cupcake he picks up.

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We instantly hit it off, but talked only for about 5 minutes. Chase started asking my mom more and more about me, but never could get my number because I lived in Tennessee and asking my mom was out of the question. Through lots more people saying (to both of us now) we would be perfect for each other, he got my number and we decided to date in May of 2015 after being long distance friends for a short time. What started as a long distance crush turned into a life long dream! I never imagined the random cute teacher in the school that day would be my future husband. The best things truly happen unexpectedly!

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how they asked

Chase and I were in Daytona Beach for our church summer camp serving as student leaders. We sent our students home early Friday morning. He had told me months ago that his sister was flying in from Chicago and that we were going to ride home to Atlanta with her on Saturday. What I didn’t know is that our entire families were only staying about ten miles from us and awaiting the surprise! Chase already convinced me the night before to get up early and watch the sunrise before we left to go back home.

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We woke up and headed straight to the beach. As we witnessed the most gorgeous sunrise, he drew three lines in the sand that represented Jesus, himself, and I. The verse reflecting our relationship has always been Ecclesiastes 4:12. He read the verse to me: ” “By yourself you’re unprotected. With a friend you can face the worst. Can you round up a third? A three-stranded rope isn’t easily snapped.”

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‭‭He proceeded to tell me that before he met Jesus he was unprotected, and with him as a friend he could face the worst. He told me he found the third that God chose for him and couldn’t imagine anyone else other than me walking with him and Jesus for eternity. As I was standing on my line and him on his, he dropped one knee on the line representing Jesus and asked me to marry him. I said YES!!!

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Immediately following, he told me to look up towards the hotel where I saw all our family running and cheering towards us!

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