Taylor and Chase

How We Met

I first met Chase in high school. We were apart of totally different groups in high school but we were both captains of our soccer team so we knew each other from that. I remember being in the locker room with my team and we all talked about how cute Chase was and we were all surprised he did not have a girlfriend. I had a huge crush on him, and according to him, he had a crush on me as well. Our soccer teams had pasta dinners before game days and I never went to them, except for the two that were held at his house! After eating, a group of us watched impractical jokers (which is now our favorite go-to show) and I was one of the last people to leave his house.

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In all of our senior soccer pictures I made sure I was always standing by him but neither of us ever made a move and then he went away for college and I did not hear from him again until the summer before our senior year of college. He was home for the summer and was with a group of his guy friends and they all wanted to go bowling. So they started texting whoever was in their phone that they thought would be in town. Chase texted me and my heart dropped because I did not even know he had my number. He asked if I wanted to go bowling and I thought it was a joke, since we were apart of different groups in high school, so I said “no”! The next day my friends convinced me to give him a chance and see if he wanted to hangout another time. He did want to hangout and he asked me to brunch the next day. He picked me up that day and we hit it off immediately at brunch. It was not awkward and we clicked right away. So after brunch he said he still wanted to hangout with me so we decided to go to the pool. We spent a couple of hours there and it was obvious we were both nervous, but the conversation still flowed. After the pool we were hungry and decided to go to dinner and while at dinner decided to then go to a movie afterwards. Our brunch date turned into a 12 hour long date! At the end of the night, he dropped me off and as I was getting out of his truck I said “Bye, see you tomorrow!” as if we were already dating! I was so embarrassed but he said “Great! I would love to see you tomorrow!”. For the next six weeks we were inseparable. We were together all day everyday as if we were dating. The night before he left to go back to school he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. I was hesitant to do long distance but I could not imagine not talking to him everyday. We spent two years doing long distance. He always came home for the summers though and one of us flew to see the other once a month. Even though I wished he was in my presence everyday, I am just so thankful that he is in my life. And so thankful my friends convinced me to give him a chance after me denying his invitation to go bowling!

how they asked

I had not seen Chase in almost ten weeks! He was away at school and we both had so much going on that we did not have time to fly to each other before then. Chase came home to Georgia and began his summer job right away. His first day off he asked if I was free and wanted to spend the day with him. He told me we wanted to go to a winery because we always love going to the wineries. He picked me up Sunday morning and we drove to our favorite winery. He had already reserved a table for us for brunch and then after that we decided to do a wine tasting. It was so nice to spend time with him since it had been so long. After the wine tasting he asked me if I wanted to go walking around the winery. There was a pretty pond with a fountain in the middle of the vineyard which he thought would be a cute spot for us to take a picture. We got down there and we’re joking around and laughing as usual and then all of a sudden he grabbed both of my hands and began to try to speak, but he was crying and could not get the words our. I was crying at this point too. He finally got down on one knee and through the tears was able to ask me to marry him! I of course said yes! It was the happiest, more heartfelt moment of either of our lives and it could not have gone more perfect. Even though he never got to say the speech he planned to because we were both crying, I would not have wanted a more real, truthful moment between the two of us.

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