Taylor and Charlie

How We Met

Charlie and I started our “love story” in middle school. Being from the jersey shore town of Toms River, New Jersey, we became friends at age 14. Not dating until our junior year of high school in March of 2008. From proms, to graduations, college and career changes, there’s nothing like having your significant other right by your side for all of life’s hard, growing up, adult moments.

how they asked

As my 25th birthday was approaching, Charlie surprised me with a road trip to Nashville Tennessee to see my ultimate favorite, Taylor Swift play on my birthday! Nashville was a dream vacation. And I thought he was pulling out all of the stops for this big birthday! Charlie had suggested we take a picture at the Taylor nation fan booth. As a turn to grab my hand made sign to hold up in hopes Taylor Swift would notice me in the crowd that night, I look over and Charlie was on one knee!

Image 1 of Taylor and Charlie

Eight and a half years later and I had not one clue this moment was coming! I immediately said yes and cried like a baby! The fans were cheering, and hugging us as if we were the most important people in the arena. Taylor Nation’s Twitter even reposted the moment!

Image 2 of Taylor and Charlie

After the cheers and happy tears, it was time for the concert. I swear a night couldn’t be more magical. We are now less then a year away from our big day, which will be a few months shy of our ten year anniversary. I have to say if Taylor Swift is out there, even though she may not know, I would love to thank her for being a part of our fairytale!