Taylor and Chad

How We Met

Chad and I were set up on a blind date! I had just moved to California from Indiana. I worked with a girl who had actually gone a couple dates with Chad. Chad and her decided there were better as friends and to set each other up if the opportunity presented itself. And, it did! She set me up with him! He took me to an amazing sushi restaurant in Newport Beach. We had so much fun and the rest is history.. :) Our wedding venue is actually right next to that sushi spot where it all started!

how they asked

We were vacationing in Bali, which has always been a dream of both of ours. First time there for us both! It was our last night at a hotel and area we had fallen in love with before we headed to our next spot, so we decided to take some sunset pictures at the amazing infinity pool. After a long day of exploring and laying out for me and surfing for him, we met in the pool for a dip. He reminded me that sunset was soon and we should go shower and freshen up to take pictures and then go to dinner. We rushed to get ready.

I threw on a romper and my hair was still wet. I come out of the room and Chad told me Kadek was going to take our pictures. He was one of the Balinese hotel workers we had become close with. As soon as I walked out of the room Kadek was taking our pictures and guiding us. I thought it was funny because, but I could sense Chad getting a little nervous. Then we started walking passed the pool, so I was starting to get confused. As we turn the corner, there was a beautiful point on the bluff of a cliff overlooking the ocean! The sun was setting perfectly! It was a magical sight. We stand there for a minute taking it in and then he drops to one knee and grabs my hands.

Image 1 of Taylor and Chad

I immediately start crying. I don’t remember everything he said, but I will never forget him asking, “Do you trust me?” I said yes. Then he said, “Will you trust me forever?” And, I said YES! I was balling at this point and saying is this for real.. is this for real?! It was was very real!! He gave me a ring made out of a flower because he didn’t want to travel with my real ring. Our other friends we had made popped out of the bushes. They had been taking pictures as well. They made me a crown and were the ones that made the flower ring for me. It was a perfect moment that I will never forget!! That night we celebrated! We hopped on our scooter and went to an amazing dinner! Bali will always be a special place to us!

Image 2 of Taylor and Chad