Taylor and Casey

Taylor and Casey's Engagement in First Landing State Park, VA

How We Met

Casey asked a mutual friend about me. She then told me that he was asking about me, us girls freaked out of excitement over a FaceTime call. A few weeks later Casey and I finally met in person. We went out with a group of friends. We both were so nervous at dinner. As time went on we all went to get ice cream and then later went to a maze since it was around halloween. Standing in line waiting to go into the maze we made small talk. Eventually once we entered the maze, we reach for one another’s hand. From then on we held hands for the rest of the night as we walked through the other mazes. We hit it off from that night on. We eventually went on our own first date later that weekend. We ate a restaurant called Taste in Virginia Beach. After eating we decided to walk along the board walk and people watch. Later we decided to go to First Landing State. It was such a beautiful day and we walked along the trails. Towards the end of our hike we stoped at a bridge and just stood there and talked about how I should just stay in Virginia Beach and not go back to school. Minutes later we shared our very first kiss.

how they asked

Casey had told me that he wanted to recreate our first date and take some photos since it is pretty there. I dressed and showed for the occasion since we would be having a little photoshoot. We put a backpack together and brought my camera in order for us to take pictures. As we got to the park I could feel that this time something felt different, a good different. We walked along the trail and talked. Casey asked me what he said after he kissed me the first time. I then said, “I have been waiting for this moment all weekend.” He then said, “well we have been waiting for this moment our whole lives.” He proceeded to take the backpack off as we approached the bridge. As we stepped onto the bridge the song Paris in the Rain by Lauv began to play. There were pictures of us along the bridge and on the trees, beautiful twinkling lights on the bridge, and a hand made sign that said “And so our adventure begins.” He brought me over to the rug on the bridge and began to share of his love for our future. He then got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife, I said, “Yes!!”

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While the music was still playing in the background we stood on the bridge and hugged. As I was letting go he proceeded to say, “There are some people that want to say congratulations.” Our friends and family stepped onto the bridge and many tears were shed. After the proposal all our friends and family went to celebrate at Taste. In order to recreate our first date we took some more picture at the beach. Casey planned and thought out this proposal so intentionally. I could not have imagined anything more perfect than this day.

Thank you to our friends and family for setting up before we got there!

Special Thanks

The Gernands
 | Photographer
Sarah Danko
 | Custom letter board