Taylor and Carson

Where to Propose in The beach!

How We Met

We met through friends! It’s our favorite story to tell we like to say we broke the bro/girl code. We first met while dating each other’s best friends. Those relationships weren’t right for us. We were there for each other after the breakups and became great friends and started to fall for each other!

How They Asked

It was a total surprise!!! I had no idea he was planning to propose to me. We were going on our first trip to Disneyland and the day we arrived in California we went to the beach. He wanted to take some pictures at sunset, which was when he was planning to propose. He had a family member planned to take our pictures. He asked her to take our picture and I had no idea who she was or what he was planning to do. He asked her to take just one more picture and that’s when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! And I said yes!!