Taylor and Carmelo

How We Met

We were in college when we first met, I was a sophomore, he was a freshman. We had mutual friends who introduced us but it took some time for us to begin dating. Once we started dating there was no turning back!

How They Asked

I have a huge love for Disney! Disney is all I ever talk about and always wanting him to experience it with me. My family and I were headed to Disney this year for Thanksgiving. I had originally asked if Carmelo could come but he said with work and it being the holiday it would be difficult to take off and be away from his family. I kept asking and asking yet kept getting the same response of “maybe next time”. I had left for Florida, while Carmelo stayed home and I had no inkling of him ever surprising me, why would I. I did not notice anything out of the normal and just enjoying my days in Disney. Little did I know, my family was in on a much bigger surprise for me. After dinner in Epcot, we went to take, what I thought were family photos at the Italy Pavilion, but I was wrong.

The photographer snapped a few photos of my family and I, then out of nowhere walks up Carmelo. I could not believe my eyes, was confused and in so much shock! I had never been more happy to see him and was all excited he surprised me out there, well there was more to the surprise. He began to talk and that is when I knew something else was about to happen, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and I obviously my answer was YES!!!! It could not have been more perfect, especially at the fact, he was able to get his entire family and my best friend to there as well. Never did I think this would happen. This is something I could have only dreamed about happening. That day was the beginning of our perfect fairy tale :)