Taylor and Cameron

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Terrace Hotel - Lakeland, FL

How We Met

Cameron and I went to a youth group concert in January of 2013. I had bought ice cream and a Coke from a vendor but I wasn’t able to eat and hold my drink at the same time. Cameron saw me struggling and offered to hold my Coke for me while I ate. Three months later he asked me to be his girlfriend and we’ve been inseparable ever since. He was such a gentleman then & still is now. I don’t know how I got so blessed!

how they asked

Cameron had told me the weekend before that we were going to have dinner with his parents at the Terrace Hotel in Lakeland, on Wednesday for their anniversary that was earlier in September. So, I got ready to go & I didn’t have any idea what was actually happening. We arrived, parked and started walking toward the hotel and Cameron saw a Corvette parked and told me that it was his friends car. I didn’t think anything of it because he’s always stopping to look at cars. He walked around to the passenger side and opened the door and I was thinking he was breaking into the car until I looked down. On the seat there was a grey and white box, he’d put a letter to me and the ring box in, and some roses sitting there.

Taylor and Cameron's Engagement in Terrace Hotel - Lakeland, FL

He got on one knee and said I was his best friend, the love of his life and asked me to be his wife forever. I said Yes!! All of the sudden there was cheering and I looked up at the parking garage next to the hotel and my parents were there screaming for us, and on the other side his parents and little brother came out of the hotel. The surprises didn’t stop there.

I looked down the street and Chevy, our golden retriever, came running towards me with a sign on his neck that said “Did you say yes to daddy?” I was SO surprised to see Chevy there also with my best friends keeping hold of him and taking photos of the entire thing. September 27th, 2017 was the best day yet. We’re so excited to get married next year!

Special Thanks

Maggie Lorelle
 | Photographer