Taylor and Bryan

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How We Met

Bryan and I first met when we were in college. I walked into a Fraternity party as he was “managing the door” and all he said was “Damn” when I walked in. In response to his reaction, I said, “what?” with a smile. He asked for my number, and I played a little hard to get and said maybe later. About 30 minutes later, the party got shut down and as I was leaving, he stopped me asking me for my number again. That is when I gave him my number.

A couple days later, he texted me asking me if he can take me out for dinner or to grab some smoothies. I simply blew him off. Bryan was persistent and asked me again a couple days later. Again, I blew him off saying I was too busy with school. This time, he asked me what classes I was taking and what I was studying so hard for. I told him my classes and it just so happened that we were in the same class and we had a midterm the following week. I had organized a study group a couple days later and invited Bryan. Bryan showed up to the study group and after a couple hours later, we were the only two left studying. After that night, I was head over heels for him, and here we are 5.5 years later now engaged! :)

how they asked

On September 10th, my roommate woke me up with a bouquet of red roses and a letter. I could tell that she was filming on her phone, so I asked “Did Bryan put you up to this?” and she just replied, “just read the letter!” So I sat up in my bed and opened the letter. It was Bryan expressing his love for me and his desire to take the next step in our relationship. Towards the end, he told me that he would be proposing to me that day, but first he was going to send me on a little scavenger hunt (which he did for our one year anniversary).

There is an acronym that we say to each other each night before bed. It may seem a little childish, but in a way it has become a promise to each other in a way. So he had this promise be my guide through the scavenger hunt. If you are wondering what the acronym is and what it stands for it’s “BRLTMTAF (except God)” which stands for Bryan Really Loves Taylor More Than Anything Foreve (and yes we purposely don’t end forever with an r since that ends the word.) At the end of the letter, it told me I had an hour to get ready before my next clue.

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Once I was ready, I came out to my kitchen and my roommate had breakfast ready with my first clue with a “B” on it. It said, “I don’t know how you got so blessed living in such a beautiful place so close to the water! We like relaxing on a sunny day and you love getting your tan on here. This place begins with a B and is only a block away from you. Walk her and you will be given your second clue!” So I automatically knew my roommate and I were going to the Bay!

We walked to the Bay and I automatically began thinking to myself “how the heck am I supposed to find a clue with all these people here?!” That is when I saw a black convertible Camaro (which is my dream car) and one of Bryan and I’s best friend, Nathan. I ran over and gave him a big hug and began tearing up. After chatting some, he handed me my next clue “R.” It opened by telling me that I have to celebrate in style and he wants to make me the happiest woman on earth. He expressed how proud he was of me of achieving my goals and dreams in the face of those who thought they were impossible and making them possible.

The clue read, “This place is a sanctuary of worship with music that brings us closer to God and Word that helps us learn more of him. This place starts with “R” and is a contender for what you’ll make your home church. God is our —- and together we will build our foundation in him. That is when I filled in the blanks and knew it was the word “rock” since that is the church I have began to make home in San Diego. We headed to The Rock to get my next clue!

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When we arrived at The Rock, my clue was taped to the glass door in the front saying “For Taylor Brenner only” with an “L” on it. It opened with how he believes The Rock is a solid place to start my community and once we are married we can start OUR place in the community there. He reminded me that there may be times that he lets me down, but God will never let me down. As we continue to have God as our main focus in our relationship, we will find new ways to love and strengthen our bond together and with God.

After the opening, the clue stated, “The next place you’re going to is where we made a video that you love to look at and —–. We always have so much fun together and —– together. The video was when I dropped my food and looked at it confused haha. Go to the break room of where this video was taken and remember all of the times we’ve had great ——. The first two fill in’s is the word laugh and the last one is laughs. That is when I knew I was going to my work, “Rady Children’s Hospital” in San Diego.

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Once I arrive at my work, I went to the staff lounge and that is when my close friends from work and other staff members were huddled around in the staff lounge waiting to give me the next clue, “T.” One of my friends was even playing a ukulele. They gave me my next clue and it opened with Bryan expressing how proud he was of all my hard work and how God’s direction led me to Rady. He listed some admirations about me achieving my dream job of becoming a Child Life Specialist. He loves that I enjoy working with so many great people. The clue read, “This next clue is a little difficult, but something tells me you won’t need to think about it for long. it’s a person, not a thing, and the first letter stands for THE.

The second word is an acronym for someone who is a special friend. So enjoy your time with one of The —s in your life. Walk outside and you’ll see her!” So with that being said, I said my thank you’s to my friends at work for being apart of this day and for some of them even coming in on their day off!! I walked out, and I saw one of my best friends chilling by the Camaro. I give her a big hug and was just shocked to see her! We talked about the day so far, and then handed me the next clue, which was an “M.”

The clue opened by telling me to enjoy my time with my best friend Lyndsay. He mentioned that he planned a mini-date for Lyndsay and I to go laugh and cry for a couple of hours as we got our nails done at my favorite spot, and then told me to get lunch afterwards. The clue said, “This next place is going to take you on a mini-road trip with Nathan and Lyndsay. it’s the place where you started your adventure down here in SoCal with these two beautiful people. The next letter in the acronym is M and it’s the first letter of this man’s name that provided you shelter, guidance, and second parents with his wife.

But before you go, go enjoy your time with Lyndsay!” So while I was getting my nails done with Lyndsay, we were discussing where this next clue could be taking us and that is when I realized it was Mark and Kate’s. This place was special to me since this is where I lived for a year and a half while I got my start in Orange County and they were like parents to me since I did not have any family near by. After our nails and lunch date, that is when we drove up to Orange County from San Diego!

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Once we arrived at Mark and Kate’s, I was greeted with hugs by the both of them. They expressed their happiness for Bryan and I during this next stage of our relationship and handed over me my next clue which was another “T.” It opened up by talking about spending more time with Mark and Kate since they have become family to us and have been really instrumental in our transition into life here in California (we moved from Seattle). The clue stated, ” This city is where we spent our first Halloween in SoCal together, we actually spent a lot of time here together with dates, going out, and seeing friends. The specific place is where you’ll be able to see a killer sunset :). So tell Nathan and Lyndsay what city you’re going to and they’ll take you to my spot! I love you baby.” I knew that the city was Newport Beach. This is the point that I was told to change into a dress, touch up my makeup, and get ready for pictures. I knew the moment that I have been waiting for was coming!

After we said our good byes, we headed to Newport Beach. As we got closer, the butterflies really started flying around in my tummy. As we turned down 29th street, I saw this tall, dark, handsome man standing in a light grey suit standing at the end of the street with a blanket and a bottle of Champagne with his hands in front of body. After Lyndsay parked the car close to where Bryan was, I got out and started to walk up to Bryan. Bryan walked over to the boardwalk and escorted me over to the blanket on the beach. Bryan expressed his love again for me and reiterated that he was so excited to marry me one day and become his wife. After a couple minutes, Bryan got down on one knee and proposed!!!

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I immediately said, “YES!”

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After putting the ring on my finger and kissing, Lyndsay’s fiance Will (now husband), Nathan, and Lyndsay all came up cheering us on and showering us with hugs of joy.

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We then took some pictures and Bryan informed me that he was the “A.” After calling our parents, we then left for our dinner reservations that Bryan had arranged.

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We arrived to “3-Thirty-3” and I walked into a room full of loved ones!! I was totally caught off guard!

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I had two of my best friends from high school there with their friend and boyfriend, along with the family I used to nanny for, and my big sister from the sorority I was in from college and her boyfriend.

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Nathan, Will, and Lyndsay also arrived shortly after Bryan and I. This was to top off the night and was the “F” to the acronym.

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In the end, B was for “Bay,” R was for “Rock,” L was for “Laugh’s at Rady,” T was for “the BFF,” M was for “Mark and Kate’s,” T was for “the Beach,” A was Bryan standing for “Amor” at the proposal spot, and lastly F was for “friends” which again spelt out BRLTMTAF (except God). This day was truly the best day of my life and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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(Video to come-Nathan is still putting it together).