Taylor and Brandon

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How We Met

Brandon and I met on the first day of fifth grade. It was my first day at a new school and I barely knew anyone apart from a couple girls. At the end of the day our class was lining up outside the school doors waiting to get on the buses and head home. Right before we were released, Brandon, whom I really didn’t even remember his name at the time, came up and gave me a used chapstick on a keychain right off a backpack. Me thinking it was so weird, I politely said no thanks. Fast forward a couple years to junior high when Brandon and I became really close friends. But it wasn’t until the beginning of our sophomore year when things really changed for us. We started to hang out just the two of us, casually as friends for a couple month. Then on October 20th we were watching Hocus Pocus, our favorite Halloween movie, he turned to me all nervously and asked if I would be his girlfriend. Fast forward again six years. By this time we had graduated high school, college and found ourselves living adult life.

how they asked

We planned a weekend getaway to Minnesota’s North Shore and Duluth to celebrate our six year anniversary. I was never expecting anything, especially a proposal. Brandon has always said I’m way to smart and he would never be able to pull off a good surprise. So there was no way that on such an obvious date for us that he would do it, but I was very wrong! We went hiking in the morning so by mid afternoon we were ready to relax and grab a bite to eat. So our next stop included just that and to my surprise so much more! We arrived at Lusten Mountains in Lusten Minnesota, bought our gondola tickets and were ready to take what is now the best ride of our lives thus far. We boarded our own gondola car and started taking off up the mountain. About two minutes in I find myself sitting 1,000 feet up overlooking some of the most breathtaking views and Brandon knelt down on one knee right in front of me with a gorgeous ring. I immediately start crying while he asks me the easiest question of my life! It was so surreal and absolutely perfect. I completely forgot to look at the amazing views after that. Luckily we still had a ride back down. Once we got to the top of the mountain we ate and had a beer on the deck of the lodge. It was the most unexpected but yet most wonderful day I could have ever dreamed of!

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