Taylor and Brandon

How We Met

Brandon and I met about 15 years ago. His family lived next door to my aunt and they became very close. We were only 10 and 12, I’m older by 2.5 years, and Brandon had a huge crush on me. His mom, Kelley, continued to be a huge part in my Aunt Steph’s life. We saw her regularly as her daughter is a year younger than my cousin. Kelley would always talk about the crush Brandon had on me and I brushed it off because I was older and “cooler”.

After high school life set in. I met someone, we moved in together and soon after was expecting. I married that someone when I was 8 months pregnant (no proposal, no wedding, just a courthouse certificate) and had a huge baby shower a few weeks later that Brandon, his mom Kelley, and sister Katelyn attended! Fast forward a year and a half – I was 7 months pregnant with our second baby when my husband unexpectedly passed away. I was completely lost but started to see God’s plan for me and focused on myself and my two babies.

About 9 months after he passed, I felt I was ready to date again. It was a Saturday in May of 2017, when we went over to my aunts and Kelley was over too. I had talked to her a few months prior and she brought up Brandon and his dating life. She also talked to my mom and aunt about how she wished Brandon and I would date. He had gone on a date with a girl who had a baby and this really piqued my interest. So I asked Kelley how his date went and it didn’t go well. So he was still single, and I became interested.

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That night after we got home, I messaged him on Facebook. I know, how classic of me. We started talking and it was incredible how much we had in common. We talked for two straight weeks and he invited us (me and my girls) down to their place in Farnham, Virginia on the Rappahannock River.

It was June 3rd, the weather was beautiful and we spent the whole day together with his family. My girls fell in love with his mom, and I started to fall for him.

We spent so much time together in the following weeks and on July 1, 2017, he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. What made me love him, even more, was how he has treated my daughters like his own. He loves them just as much as he loves me. He’s included them in every step of our relationship. When we bought a house together in 2018, it only got better.

He is truly my soulmate. God knew what he was doing when he placed the Jennings family in our lives. We couldn’t be happier.

And of course, his mom was ecstatic since she had a hand in it since day one.

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How They Asked

We have been together for 2 and a half years, so marriage has come up. I started to ask more questions about when he might propose and teasing him about it. I figured he was waiting until my birthday in January when we go to the mountains.

His parents love to have parties and they try to have a soup party every fall. Basically pot luck but with soup. So we were going over there around 7 and I was clueless to everything that had been going on that week. That Monday and Tuesday he was working late, but he was actually out buying me and ring and asking my dad. He also got a fresh hair cut without me telling him to go get one.

The morning of he went hunting, he literally couldn’t be in the house with me because he was having a hard time keeping the secret. It must have been his lucky day too because he got a huge deer. He comes home and we’re getting ready, he changed shirt F O U R times – hello red flag! But I still was clueless and just took my sweet time getting ready.

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We finally arrive at his parents’ house and were met in the car with my parents, his mom, and my cousin. They took the kids out of the car and my dad asks if I could run him up the road to the store since they Ubered. I didn’t think anything of it since this is totally normal to me. I drive my dad up the road to the store and we get back and go around to the back of the house since that’s the way we always go.

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I see this huge white tent over the deck (it had been raining all afternoon) and think “wow Kelley’s really gotten fancy with this soup party”. I walk up and the opening to the tent is facing the door so I went to go to the door but realized EVERYONE is standing quietly in the tent. All I could say was “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” I was so surprised, and slightly shocked. Brandon walked up to me and started his little speech saying I was the strongest person he knows and got down on one knee and asked “Taylor Stephanie Weaver, will you marry me?” I, of course, said YES!

After the shock wore off and I was able to walk into the tent, he picked up two little bags and said to Paisley and Kenna “I will always love and protect you, can I be your Bada forever?” (They call him Bada). He had princess necklaces for both of them, and it was the absolute sweetest.

The best day ever. Everything I had always dreamed of after so many years of heartache.

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Special Thanks

Jessica Munoz
 | Photographer
Kelley Jennings
 | Planning