Taylor and Branden

How We Met

We both went to Baylor University and were business majors. As cliche as it sounds we met in the library through a mutual friend. We were both dating other people when we met but remained friends throughout our sophomore year. Heading into our junior year, we were both newly single. Throughout that year we had business classes together and similar friend groups so we became really close. It never crossed my mind that he liked me because he would ask me for my advice on girls he dated and what to wear on those dates. Fast forward to spring break we both went on the same cruise with almost 100 other Baylor students. On this cruise we spent almost every second together and after a few days (and drinks) he confessed his feelings to me. I was extremely thrown off because I had only viewed him as a friend. After we got back from spring break he asked me on a real date and I hesitantly said yes. After that first date, we started a relationship at the end of our junior year and we were pretty inseparable at this point. We dated long distance the summer after our junior year, only seeing each other once. When we returned to Baylor for senior year, our relationship continued to grow and we fell in love. Unfortunately we didn’t get jobs in the same city after graduation so we are once again dating long distance, seeing each other about once a month. All this time we have been making plans to move to the same city.

how they asked

We were on a family Christmas trip to South America with my big family. We had already spent New Year’s Eve in Copacabana, Brazil and saw Christ the Redeemer. It was my dad’s 55th birthday and we headed to Cusco, Peru to see Machu Picchu which would allow me to check off ***my 7th wonder if the world. While on a tour of the Machu Picchu sanctuary ruins, we stopped at a great look out point to take pictures. Our tour guide told us to take individual pictures with the view and told me to start it off. I just kept thinking ‘I don’t want solo shots of me and Machu Picchu I want group pictures with my family and boyfriend.’

Taylor's Proposal in Machu Picchu, Peru

Branden stepped forward and said he wanted one with me and the view. I went to put my arm around him to pose for a picture, but when I grabbed air I confusedly turned towards him to see him kneeling on one knee.

With a crowd watching, he told me that he had been praying over our relationship and asked my parents for their blessing. He told me how from the early stages of our relationship he knew he wanted to marry me and was ready to make it official. After wiping away a few tears we celebrated with my family and have already started wedding planning!