Taylor and Ben

Taylor and Ben's Engagement in Uptown Westerville, Ohio

How We Met

Ben and I both grew up in Westerville, Ohio. Our sisters knew one another and had hung out, and we went to the same shops and restaurants, but we never even knew one another existed until our 20’s when we both swiped right on Tinder! After texting for over a month, we finally decided to meet. We agreed to get drinks at a bar we both knew at 6 pm, but Ben asked me to text him when I was on my way, which I forgot to do as I spent so much time getting ready that I was running late. I got to the bar, and no Ben. I waited and waited, but no sign of him. Disappointed, I ordered myself a drink. Suddenly, Ben texted me; “are you still on for our date? I never heard from you…” I texted back, and he rushed to the bar to meet me. We sat and talked for hours, discovering all the things and places and people we had in common. We talked for hours, and had our second date the day after our first! Ever since, we’ve been inseparable; through school, new jobs, a big move from Ohio to Kentucky, and everything in between!

How They Asked

Ben and I grew up in Westerville, dated in Westerville, and had our first apartment together in Westerville. It broke our hearts to leave it behind this past summer, but I had received a great opportunity to pursue graduate school at the University of Kentucky. We go back to visit our little town every chance we get, so of course, we went back to visit family for the holidays. The day after we arrived, Westerville was having their annual ice sculptures display. Ben suggested that we go up to walk around, look at the lights, and listen to carolers.

Ben slipped on his new Chelsea boots, I got dressed and we went for our little Christmas walk. Our town was decked out in lights, candles, carolers, and a giant Christmas tree outside the town hall; it looked straight out of a Hallmark Christmas movie! As we were walking by the tree, Ben stopped to tie his shoe. Thinking that was odd since he was wearing boots with no laces, I turned around to laugh (he’s always joking around). Instead of a joke though, he was on one knee and telling me the most beautiful words, with the most beautiful ring, and asked me to share our lives together. I said yes through eyes overflowing with tears of joy!

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