Taylor and Ben

How We Met

Ben and I met in high school. He was a junior and I was a senior. I was a student athletic trainer for the varsity football team and Ben was an offensive lineman for the football team – he had just moved up to varsity. That summer before my senior year was the first time we really noticed each other. We never dated in high school – I ended up leaving for ECU, he was still in Harrisburg for his senior year. I ended up transferring to App State after my first year of college. Ben was starting his freshman year at App that same semester. We ended up in the same dorm, but even then, we still weren’t serious. Ben finally realized he kinda sorta liked me at the beginning of his sophomore year, and that was that. Took him long enough – ha!

How They Asked

Total surprise! I remember having a weird feeling the day we left for the Panthers game, but I couldn’t really bring myself to consider that I would be getting proposed to. It was the beginning of the December, the weekend after thanksgiving and we were having a huge tailgate before the game with friends and family. All of a sudden, Ben asked me if I wanted to take a picture – which was weird for him to ask because he hates pictures, but I wasn’t going to pass up on the opportunity. Next thing I remember is EVERYONE at the tailgate gathering around to watch us take this photo and it crossed my mind that this could be “it” but it didn’t actually process for me until I saw him down on his knee. I totally blacked out – didn’t hear a word he said. All I know is that I said “yes” and over half of the people at the tailgate knew it was going to happen – I was clueless.


Special Thanks

Lacy Matusek Photography
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