Taylor and Ben

How We Met

Three years ago, my mom met the new guy at her work who was named Ben. She talked to him for a second and then immediately ran back to her desk to call and tell me that she had just met my husband. I thought she was joking and I said “mom, how do you know he’s my husband?” And she said, “Well Tay, he reminds me of your dad and he’s everything you’ve always said you want in a husband”. I thought that sounded great and all but I lived in Kentucky and he lived in Virginia so I just figured I’d never really meet Ben. But my mom would call me and give me little “Ben Updates” almost every week for two years after that. So, putting a ton of faith in my mom’s hunch, I applied for an internship at the office that she and Ben worked at and hoped that I could meet him.

The day comes where we finally got to meet and let me tell you what, he was the sweetest and most handsome man I’d ever met, I’m talking drop dead gorgeous! About a week after we met he asked me on a date and said: “I might be wrong, but I think your mom has been trying to set us up”. Not wrong. Far from it!

Not long after that, I had to move back to Kentucky and we started dating long distance. Over the course of dating long distance, we have racked up 48 plane tickets traveling to see each other.

We knew we wanted to get married pretty early on and he proposed after we’d been together for 7 months. Now we’ve been together for almost 2 years and are getting married in August of 2020!

How They Asked

I’m a southern girl and he knows how much I love Kentucky farms. So he flew my family, his family, and my friends out to Lexington to be there for the proposal on one of the Lexington farms that some of the winning horses from Kentucky Derby go to retire. He asked our family and friends to hide in a barn and he and I went on a tour of the farm. We stopped right in front of the main barn and he grabbed my hand and said, “I didn’t take you here today for a tour and to ride horses.

I took you here for something way better. All those days your mom would tell me what you were up to and show me pictures of you, now I know I was listening to stories about and looking at pictures of my wife.” And then he got down on one knee and proposed!!!

I was super surprised when our family and friends came running out of the barn to be with us! Best day ever! What can I say, sometimes our mamas really are right!

Taylor's Proposal in Spendthrift Farm in Lexington, Kentucky

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Spendthrift Farm in Lexington, Kentucky

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