Taylor and Austin

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How We Met

Four years ago, a boy I barely knew invited me on whim to his family vacation at the beach. For some reason, I went and looking back, I know exactly why.

That same boy proposed at the beach where it all began for us. It was an absolute dream and I still cannot believe he (and the gorgeous ring) are mine forever.

how they asked

I went with his family to the beach on July 21st for one of the several trips his family takes each summer. At the beginning of the month, I thought this trip might be special. It might be THE trip where he asks THE question. I’m actually a wedding planner in Birmingham, so he knew he would have to ‘out plan the planner’. Being the stubborn girl I am, I pressured him about it and he told me time after time to not get my hopes up. Silly me, I finally believed him and showed up at the beach a bit disappointed that it would be months before he proposed.

His mom started talking about wanting to take family beach pictures this trip because after all the years they’ve been coming to the beach, they had never taken any. Everyone but his mom were very verbal about NOT wanting to take the pictures, including my future groom, Austin. He complained all week leading up to the pictures. None of the family wanted to go. I was oblivious to the fact that they were all out planning the planner.

On July 23, picture day had arrived and Austin whisked us away to St. Andrews at around sunset. We trekked up the beach and my heart stopped when I thought I saw a guy take our picture and we walked up to an altar set up on the sand. Well, it wasn’t for us. There was a wedding about to happen and I figured the photographer thought we were wedding guests. Here am I, still oblivious.

We walked and walked as he was on the phone with the mom making it seem like we couldn’t find them. We took selfies as he killed time. Then, Austin took my hand and lead me down to a treasure chest set up on the shore.

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It STILL hadn’t hit me. I actually got aggravated with him and told me to not touch that box! I think my exact words were “that’s someones treasure get away from it!”. He was insistent on looking in that box and I am so good he was.

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We walked down and he pulled out a message in a bottle (just like the current Nicholas Sparks’ book I was reading at the time) and read to me a letter that recapped our four years together as I stood in complete shock. He read the last line of the letter – “Will you marry me?”

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and I immediately went in for a hug and kiss.

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He took my hand, placed the ring on it, and prayed for us.

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It was the most surreal moment of my life. Moments later, he introduced me to our photographer and his family came up the beach.

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Still in shock, I didn’t believe my eyes when I saw my parents coming down the beach.

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I hit a jog going to give them a hug. It was without a doubt the most special moment of my life.

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The beach will forever be “our” place. I cannot wait for forever with Austin!

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Special Thanks

Danny Tirmizi
 | Photographer