This Tear-Jerking Proposal is Right Out of a Book Lover's Fairy Tale

Taylor's Proposal in New York, New York

How We Met

The summer before high school, my cousin had friends over for a get-together. She and I were inseparable growing up in San Diego so, although I would be attending a different school in the Fall, she included me in the weekend plans. Almost 13 years later, Taylor and I have spent many conversations arguing over (but mostly, laughing about) the exact details of that night. The one detail upon which we can agree: it’s the night we met.

After a few years of missed connections at the same parties, high school basketball games, and bonfires, we eventually found ourselves single at the same time and looking for Winter Formal dates. My cousin, Madeline, had had enough of us asking about one another throughout the years and decided to play matchmaker. We went as each other’s dates to the dances and when Taylor ripped his pants while dancing with my friends….I was hooked.

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The summer before college isn’t an ideal time to start a relationship but we decided we meant too much to each other to call it off. We decided to take it day by day and encourage each other to say “yes” to new adventures. I went to school in Orange County and he stayed in San Diego. Over time, my description of Taylor went from “friend” to “best friend.” Then, “best friend” turned into “boyfriend.”

Now, a few years removed from college and living in NYC, we’ve seen each other through the highs and lows of transitioning into adulthood. Instead of growing apart, we grew together. I’m grateful for that, every day.

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how they asked

Because Taylor gets to tell his version of the story in the video, I’ll recap here.

As far as I knew, we were going to be spending LDW in the Hamptons with our friends. The night before we left, Taylor and I were going to have a date night. As we were getting ready for dinner, he mentioned we would need to stop by Strand Book Store to pick up a specific book his nephew wanted for his birthday. For background – Strand has become my “happy place” since moving to New York. Whether I’m seeking quiet comfort on bad days or positively prepping for vacation, the Strand cash register is typically where my paychecks seem to disappear.

We walked in and he darted to the back of the store. When I gave him a hard time about heading in the wrong direction, he explained he had called ahead and asked that the book be placed on hold in the back. As you can see in the video, he calls me over to a novel a bit too large for a 7-year-old boy… Overwhelmed with sincere surprise and excitement, the next few minutes are a little fuzzy. Luckily for me, our dear friends, Zac and Kelly flew from Austin, TX to capture the moment.

Assuming the surprises were done for the day, I laughed along while Zac and Kelly led us through Union Square with their cameras. Taylor suggested we toast at a local restaurant and begin the phone calls to our families. I soon realized our toast would call for more than four glasses of champagne! Taylor had spent months organizing bi-coastal friends and family to join in our celebration. From childhood to high school to college to our post-grad NYC adventure, we had loved ones that represented each chapter. Each attendee has truly played a role in making our relationship and community what it is today. I’m still in awe of the way they came together and provided Taylor and me with a weekend we will never forget.

Taylor’s thoughtful nature, eternal optimism and ability to bring people together are just a few things I love about him. He’s the only detail I ever needed to make this a dream proposal. The incredible weekend of celebration he planned, while a testament to the traits I highlighted earlier, was just an added bonus.

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