Taylor and Adam

Image 1 of Taylor and Adam

How We Met

Adam and I knew of each other in high school but had out first class together Sophomore year. We quickly and easily became good friends- we both admit to having crushes on each other on and off throughout the year but God’s plan and perfect timing was to begin dating second semester of junior year. We dated through our freshman year of college long distance and decided to take a break to grow individually and really seek God’s plan for each of us.

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A year and a half of trials and personal growth goes by and we happened to be working at the same summer camp which was the first time we had seen each other- we rekindled our relationship a few months later after lots of prayer and felt like God wasn’t done writing our story! We started dating in December of 2016 and always talked about getting married and what our future life would look like together. Adam made all of that come true when he proposed at the Silos on July 24, 2017!!!

how they asked

I wanted to propose somewhere sentimental and where our families could share our special night, so I figured the Silos were the perfect spot. It took months of preparation on how to get the question projected on the side of the Silo. Taylor interned this summer at Magnolia in Waco, so I had her boss “invite” us to an employee party only on Monday 24th. (The perfect cover up!)

Image 3 of Taylor and Adam

Little did I know, Taylor had snooped and found out that I was proposing at the Silos but didn’t know the day it would happen. So, I planned a faux date that coming Friday and told her to wear her nicest outfit. At this point, Taylor thought she knew EVERYTHING! It was obvious that on the way to the “party” Taylor had no idea it would happen a few days earlier than expected. Once we got to the Silos, we were told everyone was running late and we were the first ones there.

Image 4 of Taylor and Adam

We headed up to the rooftop and took a couple pictures with the photographer. The light popped up on the Silos while snapping pics without Taylor seeing and as she turned around I got down on one knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with me.

Image 5 of Taylor and Adam

Image 6 of Taylor and Adam

After she said YES, her family and friends were on the ground and released balloons into the background while I had a drone filming the entire event! And FINALLY my high school sweetheart is my soon to be wife!

Image 7 of Taylor and Adam

Special Thanks

Rachel Whyte
 | Photographer