Taylor and Adam

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our house in Pittsburgh !

How We Met

We met on an online dating site and then met in person on June 2, 2017. People always say when you know you know, well they are right! We both knew immediately that this was something. Within the month we had moved in together which I now see looks insane! But it just felt right to us. And boy did it work out. These pictures are from our first few months together! Watching fireworks, drinking wine, having fun at weddings. Everything feels like a party when we are together.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Our house in Pittsburgh !

How They Asked

Adam and I had been living together for almost a year at our apartment and on this special day, we were closing on our first home!!! I was BEYOND oblivious leading up to the day. He mentioned we should look nice for closing so I should get a new dress. So I did! I didn’t think anything of it. The night before closing Adam, our realtor and our friend Melanie went to the final walkthrough while oblivious me was working, and they set everything up! The day of closing, 5/31/18, we closed and got to the house. It was getting hot and we had to start moving everything from our apartment so I was wanting to rush to get stuff done.

When we walked in there was the most beautiful set up with How I met your mother decals on the wall and flowers everywhere. Since we first met we would always say that we were each other’s “blue French horns” or “yellow umbrellas.” Corny I know. But even though there was this beautiful set up I was still SO oblivious. I thought it was just a sweet way to celebrate our new beginning. But lo and behold, Adam started saying the most beautiful things and then he got down on one knee! And then I lost it! Of course, I said YES!!