Tayler and William

How We Met

William and I met in high school while he was in 11th grade and I was in 9th grade. I was watching my sister’s soccer game and he walked up and sits down right next to me. I had no idea who he was at the time. We talked for a little bit and he ended up asking someone for my number.

We went on our first date to the movies to see Somethings Gotta Give and went on a walk through the park afterwards. Our first attempt at dating was very short lived. He was the life of the party and parties were not my scene. Our age difference made things difficult at that time in our lives.

We parted ways and he went off to college. Our paths would always cross somehow or another over the next five or six years. William would always want to give it another try but I would be dating another guy or say something about the timing not being right.

Five and a half years ago, both of families decided to go to Jazz Fest together in New Orleans. New Orleans has always been a special place to him because he lived there until he was ten. We had a blast together listening to music and eating our way through the city.

Needless to say, I fell in love with him and the city of New Orleans in one weekend. I think I had always loved him but I finally let myself admit it. We have lived together in New Orleans the past two years so it was only fitting the proposal would happen in the city we love.

how they asked

William and I have date night once a month. We alternate who plans date night each month. It was his turn to plan and boy did he. I thought the plan was going to be to stay home and drink wine because he had been working so hard lately.

The Friday before the proposal the weather in New Orleans was finally starting to feel like fall. You could smell fall in the air (the best smell)! William suggested we go walk around Downtown and just enjoy the weather, atmosphere, and grab dinner later.

We start getting ready and I did not notice anything unusual- he was so calm. We headed downtown and he suggested we start in Jackson Square then we could decide where to eat from there. We go up the stairs to look at the river (I thought) but he stops me by the railing.

He takes my hands and while he is getting on one knee he says “Tayler, I love this city but I love you more.

Image 1 of Tayler and William

Will you marry me?” Now, at this point in time, most girls put their hands to their mouths in shock. Nope not me. I am holding on to his hands and say “William, I’m going to throw up.” Romantic right? This is his favorite part of the entire night.

I am in so much shock I kind of freeze except for holding on to his hands. I eventually say yes of course! It was all so perfect.

Image 2 of Tayler and William

He had a photographer there to capture the entire proposal.

Image 3 of Tayler and William

After the photographer leaves, he asks where I want to go eat to call our parents. I immediately think of Orleans Grapevine because they have the coziest courtyard and it is right behind St. Louis Cathedral. We walk into the courtyard and there are our parents and siblings!

Image 4 of Tayler and William

How did he know I would say Orleans Grapvine? Cue the ugly cry. Both of our dads were crying. Both of my sisters flew in just for us. Both of his sisters drove down. He thought of everything. He knows how much family means to me so having everyone there to celebrate was so special.

The evening was spent laughing and enjoying cocktails with the best families we could ask for. On October 1st, 2016, our love story came full circle with the proposal in the city we love. I am so thankful he never gave up trying to get me to realize what we could have together.

“If you love New Orleans, she’ll love you back.”

Image 5 of Tayler and William

Special Thanks

Marc Pagani
 | Photographer
Orleans Grapevine
 | Restaurant