Tayler and Matt

Image 1 of Tayler and MattHow we met: Matt and I are high school sweethearts. We had known each other for years but towards the end of my freshman year and his junior year in high school we began to see each other in a new light. It had been a couple of months of flirting when he finally asked me on a date. He was my first boyfriend and my first kiss. After about 4 years of growing up together, we decided to go separate ways and learn how to grow on our own. The summer of my junior year of college we started talking again and the rest is history. To this day I still cannot explain the reasons we started talking again or why we got back together. It was try by God’s grace and a part of His perfect plan. And now, 6 years later, I am finally marrying my best friend.

how they asked: For the past 2 years I have missed Matt’s birthday, so this year we decided to go to our favorite restaurant in the Old Market to celebrate. I had kind of been expecting him to propose because a friend asked me to get my nails done and Matt said he wanted to dress up for lunch. But when we left for the restaurant he wasn’t acting the way I expected him to so I wasn’t expecting it anymore. During lunch we continued a conversation we had been having about how he was going to ask my dad for permission and how nervous he was about doing it. He was playing me the entire time! After lunch we went down to the outside slides and then decided to walk back to the truck. That walk will forever be one I will never forget.

Just as we turned a corner, I saw our families and closest friends standing in front of us holding up signs saying, “Tayler Will You Marry Me?”.

Image 2 of Tayler and Matt

I was completely blown away. I turned towards Matt to see him down on one knee. I was so excited he was proposing that I said YES before he even asked! Matt continued to say, ” Tayler, will you give me the best birthday present and marry me?”

Image 3 of Tayler and Matt

At that moment, our friends and family flipped the cards over to read, “She Said, It’s About Darn Time!”

Matt had been planning this proposal with my best friends for about 3 months without me having even the slightest clue. It was hands-down the best day I have ever experienced and one we will cherish forever. That day would not have been the same without our family and friends by our side.

Image 5 of Tayler and Matt

Image 4 of Tayler and Matt

Photos by Chelsea Lurvey