Tayler and Dj

How We Met: DJ and I met when we were in the sixth gImage 1 of Tayler and Djrade. A memory that truly stands out was when are middle school was running a fundraiser that involved selling orange crush soda.

If you had a crush on someone you could buy them an orange crush soda to let them know.DJ had bought me a can and gave it to me in our afternoon math class together.

Being only 12 years old at the time I didn’t think much of it and we remained friends.

It wasn’t until our freshman year in high school when DJ began to call my house to talk to me every night on the phone (this was before everyone had a cell phone).

We instantly connected and have been inseparable ever since. We have been together for almost 12years now and our love has grown through high school, college, and moving to different cities together.

how they asked: DJ and I took our first real vacation together to Destin, Florida. Our second night of the trip we went for dinner at a seafood restaurant called Boshamps. overlooking the marina. It was a beautiful night and the sunset over the water was breathtaking. We had just ordered our food when the waiter told us they had a private beach by the boats that we could hang out at while we wait for our dinner.

Little did I know that DJ had planned this out with the waiter earlier on in the evening. We headed down to the beach and were looking for a place to sit along the water. All of the chairs were wet because it had rained earlier that day. DJ told me to keep walking because there might be a dry chair at the end of the row. I kept walking when all of the sudden he told me to turn around. He was down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Image 2 of Tayler and Dj

It was such a perfect moment. We went back up to our table where there was champagne waiting for us to celebrate with.

Image 3 of Tayler and Dj

After a wonderful dinner and champagne, we went back to our resort for a walk on the beach.

Image 4 of Tayler and Dj

We laid in the sand and saw 5 shooting stars. It was a definitely a night we both won’t forget.