Tayler and Chris

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Catholic University (where we met!)

How We Met

Chris and I met freshman year at Catholic University. He played basketball and I played softball. My roommate played women’s basketball so she knew Chris through her teammates. She introduced us and Chris and I became best friends almost immediately. Chris’s sense of humor and big personality were things I always wanted to be around. We were both business students so we took a lot of our classes together too. He eventually asked me to “tutor” him in calculus and the rest was history!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Catholic University (where we met!)

We were friends for a while until he finally got the courage to ask me out to dinner on Valentine’s Day of freshman year. He wore the cutest red quarter zip (I love Valentine’s Day so I knew this was a good sign) and ordered duck (delicious, but interesting first date meal order… something I will never forget). We went out on dates for a couple months until he asked me to be his girlfriend on May 1st, 2014. On May 6th, he took me out on a paddle boat at the Tidal Basin and told me he loved me. It didn’t take very long, but I knew he was the real deal.

Tayler and Chris's Engagement in Catholic University (where we met!)

Super cute story, but of course Chris asked me out with like 4 days left of the semester until going home for the summer. I am from Westchester, NY and he is from southern New Jersey, outside Philadelphia. Although not terribly far, we were used to being a dorm building away from each other every day. That summer meant a lot for our relationship, but we definitely made the most of it.

There were lots of weekend trips to New York City, the Jersey Shore, and Philadelphia. We did the cute touristy things like Times Square, downtown Philly, Yankee games, beach trips, and (my favorite) parasailing. He came to my sisters’ 8th grade and high school graduation party (this past summer he just attended their high school and college graduation party… CRAZY) where he met the Falvey 50+ and Esposito clans. He survived and that says a lot! I knew he was a keeper.

Where to Propose in Catholic University (where we met!)

The next year on campus flew by. During the Summer of 2015, we had the opportunity to study abroad together in Barcelona, Spain. While abroad, we also traveled to Paris, France, Rome and Florence, Italy, and Pamplona, Costa Brava, and Montserrat, Spain. It was an experience we are so grateful for and will never forget!

Proposal Ideas Catholic University (where we met!)

We proceeded to spend the rest of our time at Catholic University together as a couple. We continued to take classes together (definitely some friendly competition about grades), explored Washington D.C., hung out in local bars and restaurants, and supported each other in all that we did. After graduation, we both accepted jobs down in Washington D.C. We spent and continue to spend a lot of time exploring the city and trying out different restaurants and happy hours with our friends. The city always has something new and fun to do. We have definitely made the city our second home together!

Tayler's Proposal in Catholic University (where we met!)

how they asked

This story is really something. It makes me wonder why Chris is such an amazing liar… why I’m so dumb… or ya know maybe it was just the perfect combination of cute that makes for a perfect proposal :)

On the weekend of August 18th, I knew Chris’s family was coming into town. Chris said they wanted to see us before they left for their 3 week trip to China. He also mentioned his dad wanted to see a friend who lives in D.C. (lie). I thought it was a great idea… see everyone on one weekend trip. The plan for Saturday was to have lunch, hang out (lie), go to Mass at The Basilica on Catholic University’s campus (lie), and go to dinner at Joe’s (lie). I was looking forward to it. Little did I know what I really had to look forward to.

His parents proceeded to hit like 2 hours of traffic to get to D.C. (actually the truth, which stinks). When his family finally got to Chris’s building, Chris tells me his mom told him she gets really uncomfortable saying hi to me in the parking garage when I come down to greet them and would rather just say hi once we get up to the apartment (lie). I was thinking, “Oh God, I’ve been doing this for years now… how could I not have sensed this before.” Not wanting to cause any drama, I sit on the couch as Chris leaves his apartment to get his parents in the parking garage to bring them up to his apartment. (*TRUTH: The car was filled with bouquets of flowers and table decorations for the celebration later on. Mrs. Biddle yelled at Chris when she learned about his lie…FYI, I will continue going to the parking garage to say hi when they visit from now on).

We have lunch for about 14 minutes when his dad says it’s time to leave to meet up with their friend (lie). I thought it was a little strange, but they did hit traffic, so I just thought they were behind schedule. (*TRUTH: They had to go to their hotel, settle in, get changed, and go to the restaurant to start setting up our room. Mrs. Biddle is super artsy and decorated the table for us. It was GORGEOUS, but it took time).

After they leave, I ask Chris what he wants to do for the day. I assumed his family would be with us for a while, so we did not make plans. However, we were out the night before so I was really tired. We put on the TV and started to watch (of all shows to watch on the day you are about to get engaged) “Golden State Murderer.” I fell asleep on his couch and slept for over 2 hours ( I never usually take naps). Chris said he took a nap too (lie). Little did I know, Chris was the happiest guy in the world that afternoon. (*TRUTH: While I slept, Chris was going back and forth with our families and the photographer. He loved being able to do all of this without me nagging at him to go do something out in the city).

When I woke up from my nap, it was time to get ready. Chris had mentioned earlier in the week that I should wear my white eyelet dress to dinner. He told me I would look super tan (I had been on vacation the previous week with my family at the Jersey Shore) so I obviously said “YOU’RE RIGHT” and wore my white dress (lie, but probably my favorite one). (*TRUTH: White seemed pretty fitting for what he was about to do).

When we were both ready, Chris called an Uber to go to the Basilica on Catholic University’s campus. Chris lives in MoNa so we took North Capitol Ave. to get to campus. When we turn onto North Cap, Chris goes to hold my hand in the car. I love him, but thought it was weird. He starts being super cute (which I didn’t realize at the time) and says things like “I miss driving on this road when we would go to school” as I proceeded to answer, “What are you talking about? Neither of us had cars at school.” He also started reminiscing (which again I didn’t realize) about how much he misses being at Catholic and loves going back to visit campus. I answered, “What do you mean? I work there and I am on campus every day. You know you can come and visit me anytime you want.” If this conversation doesn’t describe how oblivious I was that I was about to get proposed to, I don’t know what does.

When we pulled up to the church, we were a little early for Mass (lie), so Chris took me behind the church to a beautiful garden and fountain. It was there where he dropped to one knee and popped the question. It was the most romantic moment in the most beautiful and meaningful place. Little did I know, he had hired a photographer who was hiding in the bushes. She captured our special moment and we now have photos to treasure forever… however, that’s not all.

After we finished taking pictures, I asked Chris if I could call my family. I secretly wanted him to say no because I was hoping they would be in D.C., but he said: “of course.” I knew my sister Morgan was doing her master’s at Boston College, my sister Brooke was off to Providence College on that Thursday, and my thirteen-year-old sister Ryleigh has more plans than I do. I didn’t think it was realistic that they would all be together and able to come to D.C. I called my family when we were in the car and told them the news. There was lots of crying, mostly happy tears, but some sad tears because I wanted to celebrate with them. My dad said something like, “We will have to make arrangements to come to D.C. to see you and Chris soon to celebrate” (lie) and I think I lost it. However, I was looking forward to celebrating with his family and had to wipe my tears to walk into the restaurant we had just pulled up to. (*TRUTH: They were obviously in Washington D.C.)

When we got to the restaurant, Mr. Biddle, Mrs. Biddle and Chris’s brother, Thomas, were standing outside our private room. As I greeted Chris’s mom, she hugged me and then gave me a motherly shove into our private dining room. My parents and 3 younger sisters, Morgan, Brooke, and Ryleigh, screamed surprise as Chris had arranged for all of them to come to D.C. to share in our special moment. (*TRUTH: Chris had been emailing back and forth with my dad for about a month and a half to coordinate a date when everyone in my and his family could be there because it meant so much to both of us.) I still feel bad for everyone else in the restaurant that night because as you can imagine there was screaming, crying, laughing, cheering, drinking… all fitting for the best day of our lives.

We celebrated over champagne, dinner, drinks, and more drinks. It was the best night ever. Chris’s proposal was more than I could have ever imagined. (*MY TRUTH: I am one lucky girl and I can’t wait to spend forever with him)!!!

Special Thanks

Rachel Lincoln
 | Photographer