Taylar and William

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How We Met

I’m from North Carolina but have lived with my fiancé in California since we met. Yosemite has always been on the travel destination list as I love camping and hiking.

how they asked

June 26, 2017, Will told me he had to run errands and comes back a few hours later with all the camping supplies you need and tells me to pack a bag! We’re going to Yosemite! We get there Monday night and spend Tuesday adventuring. That evening, after a long day of hiking and fishing, we make our meals on the campfire, roast marshmallows and get in our mesh top tent to gaze at the thousands of stars. He tells me to grab the Tylenol bottle so we can take a few to relieve our hiking cramps, as I pour them out into my hand the only thing to pop out is a ring. He takes it, looks me in my eyes and says “Taylar will you marry me?” And the tears pour after I say of course! What a complete surprise! He said yesterday when he was shopping for camping gear he passed the most simple perfect ring and knew he wanted that on my finger forever. Spur of the moment trip as well as the proposal. I wouldn’t have it any other way, 100% surprised and the best moment of my life. We’re getting married in May back in NC.