Taylar and TJ

How We Met

We initially met on Bumble. My first message to break the ice was “what is your favorite body part to workout”. This being based off his profile picture of him flexing so hard his head could pop.

His response was, “shoulders, you?”

We were both avid weight lifters, we loved the gym so this was a good place to initiate a conversation and connection with similar interests.

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When we finally agreed to meet in person we met at a Cracker Barrel, breakfast was his favorite meal.

I was soon to figure out just how much of a favorite it was.

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We sat down, ordered and exchanged stories that kept us laughing and smiling. When our food arrives, this big old meathead dives right in.. scoops up this over easy egg and slurps it in his mouth, making a loud obnoxious sound. I was shocked and my face said it all as he looked up at me with an embarrassed look upon his face as if I wasn’t supposed to see or hear that. Then I suddenly giggled and the mood lightened.

From then on out this guy has kept me smiling and laughing. He’s an all around goofy guy… and clumsy as all get out. He’s my real life Wreck-it Ralph.

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How They Asked

August of 2017 I met this man at a Cracker Barrel that was a mutually equal drive for us. Here I first saw what would be my future best friend, the love of my life, and my everything. As we sat down we couldn’t stop laughing and smiling, especially when I look up as he slurped an entire egg. I was shocked but I giggled. Over the next several months this man drove an hour and a half daily to come, see me. I knew this man was the one!

I’ve never met someone so sentimental and willing to put so much effort into a relationship. Over time my stubborn self let down my walls and began to fall for this big teddy bear. We moved in together with our first apartment in March and he soon began to realize how much of a Sherlock Holmes I was. There wasn’t anything you could get by me. So a surprise engagement was something he was really unsure how it would work out.

As a nurse working the night shift, I was sleeping during the day, and on these days he became a sneaky lil fella and was going around asking for my hand in marriage from my parents, collaborating with a photographer for the engagement, and getting the perfect ring. We had planned on getting fall pictures because it’s my absolute favorite time of the year. It was October 21st a chilly yet beautiful day for pictures. We had been walking around about an hour and as we were in the middle of getting a shot by the lake with the geese in the background, this perfect man drops to his knee and asks me to spend the rest of my life with him.

I was in shock, mostly because I had no clue this was coming, this was honestly the first and the best surprise I’ve ever experienced! I cannot wait to spend the rest of my days with my best friend and soul mate

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