Taylar and Colby

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How We Met

Colby and I met in college; we both attended St. Louis Christian College together. Our story isn’t one that screams “love at first sight”, especially for me; Colby may say differently. Haha

He first asked me out on a Lab Week trip in Ormond Beach, Florida. According to him, I didn’t give him the time of day. I remember saying yes, but then I soon after changed my mind, because I thought it was just the Florida moon talking and the fact that everyone else on that trip was in a relationship and we weren’t. I definitely was not convinced that he really liked me. I told him that I would enjoy being his friend and just wanted to leave it at that. Well, Colby just couldn’t do that. He continued to ask me out the week after we came home and some time after that, but I had my mind set on remaining friends.

Fast forward to two years later. Around Fall 2015, Colby and I were closer than ever and spending a lot of time together, and talking just about every day. I have to admit I was stubborn when friends would ask me if I had feelings for him, and I continued to say no–I don’t know who I was fooling. Haha but around Christmas time, one day I realized that he was my absolute best friend and he was the first one that I wanted to know about anything going on in my life, and he was the one that I wanted to spend my time with.

Anyone that knows us and our story knows that Colby was definitely persistent over the course of those two years, and at the time I’m not going to lie, I didn’t understand, and I wanted him to stop, but boy am I glad that he didn’t! He said that he would wait as long as it took for me to come around to him, and I’m so grateful for his patience.

Looking back on things, we both know that it was all in God’s timing that we didn’t get together two years ago (no matter how bad Colby wanted it to happen then). Over those two years we had the chance to create an amazing friendship first, and we actually really love our story and cherish every moment on our journey to this wonderful point in our lives!

how they asked

|September 25th, 2016|

Colby came to my house with a dozen roses, ready to pick me up for our date. He started by taking me to spots around town that was significant in our relationship over the past two years. At each location, he had a letter or a poem that he had written me but never gave to me. Some were recent, and others were as far back as the beginning of our journey two years ago. He also shared stories at some of his own thoughts and feelings all this time at some of these locations. One of the stops was a Starbucks that we used to go to frequently in college. Colby and I both absolutely love diving into a deep and meaningful conversation with someone. That’s our favorite way to get to know people. We had countless conversations at that Starbucks about life, God, purpose and anything our brains could think of. This was probably the most special stop to me.

After several stops and lots of crying as we drove around our special spots in St. Louis, he took me to the last stop; Forest Park. We got out of the car and started walking and he led me right down to the big beautiful fountains right in front of Art Hill and started saying the most beautiful words that’s ever been said to me.

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When he started to say my full name (middle names included! <3) I started to absolutely lose it.

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He then got down on one knee and asked me to be his WIFE.

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While holding the most beautiful ring (I swear it was dazzling in the sun)!

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|More Surprises|

Then that wasn’t the end of it! After he proposed I remember hearing a camera close to us and thinking, “he got a photographer to document this moment!”. We turned to the photographer (that was cleverly disguised) and to my surprise it was his sister Kenzie!! Having her there to capture that made it 10xs more special, especially because she lives about two-three hours away.

THEN we arrived to his apartment to stop before we went out to dinner, and we get there and his parents, Kenzie and her most adorable baby, Connor, my parents and sister were all there so we could all go out to dinner to celebrate!! This was just the perfect end to an already perfect day because our families hadn’t met each other yet. It’s been so difficult to gather my parents and his parents together because of the distance and schedules and I was starting to wonder if they’d ever meet and they did; on the day of our engagement!

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It was the most wonderful day of our lives!