Tayla and Ryan

How we met: We met at a scouting event called Cedar Badge in June of 2013. I was up there to help take pictures of the activities to document the week with and he came up to learn how to take care of the camp. A mutual friend introduced us and three weeks later we were dating.

how they asked: If you haven’t seen the movie Princess Bride I highly recommend it. There is a scene in there that was the inspiration for Ryan’s proposal to me. The scene that I’m referring to is the one where Wesley, the dread pirate roberts at this moment, and Buttercup are walking along a steep hill and talking about her dear beloved Wesley whom she believes the dread pirate roberts killed, unbeknownst to her that he is in fact Wesley. She ends up pushing him down the hill for a reason I don’t remember at this very moment and as he rolls down the hill he yells “AS YOU WISH!!” Because that is something he said to her before he left and supposedly died so she recognized him and goes rolling after him.

Now how that relates to this page you might ask. Well Ryan and I got engaged on August 16, 2014. I thought it was just going to be a typical day. I woke up and Ryan and I went to a car dealership and actually bought a car. I thought that was going to be the excitement of the day. We went to my house right after that for a small party I was having for my primary class. Then he left for about 3 hours and I didn’t know what to do with myself. We had actually planned the whole day out so him leaving caught me off guard a little. So I waited and waited for him to come back and finally he came.

We had planned to go to the Madison county fair but we were told that it wasn’t as good as it was last year so we decided to just skip it. We went on a picnic instead and we got the same picnic food we had gotten when we went on a picnic before he left for BOOT camp. So then we just needed somewhere to have the picnic. He originally wanted to go to freeman’s park but there was a 5k or something happening and I didn’t realize why he wanted to go where he did so I said I didn’t want to stay there and be in the middle of all of that.

Instead, we went to a little park on the other side of town, one we had actually stopped at before to wait out a rain storm. And we parked our picnic on top of a hill. We sat and enjoyed our subway sandwiches and sparkling cider and just cuddled and talked and had a good time. He made a rather random comment about how the place kind of reminded him of the Princess Bride and I said that it kind of reminded me as well but that movie comes up in casual conversation between us because it’s what we like to call “our movie.” So I thought nothing of the comment.

Then the sun started to creep down to the horizon and a small family decided that it was time to go home. The children wanted to roll down the hill so the parents told them to roll down the side that was closer to their car so they could go home. Ryan suggested rolling down the hill and I said that I didn’t want to. So we continued to just cuddle on the blanket enjoying each other’s company, little did I know that rejecting his offer to roll down the hill was not a smart thing to do but it made him have think a little.

After a little while of just sitting there he stood up and said “I have an idea” and he paused for just a brief moment and then rolled down the hill head first just like Wesley did in the movie but instead of saying “as you wish” as he rolled down he said “will you marry me?” I thought it was so cute but at the same time I thought he was joking as well so I asked if he was serious and he said “maybe” and pulled out the ring box and opened it while he was still laying at the bottom of the hill. He looked so cute. I actually sat there and couldn’t think or move for about 30 seconds and then I jumped up and steam rolled down the hill to him and once I got to him at the bottom I said yes and kissed him. I finally looked at the ring after that and I was not disappointed I thought it was perfect. It was better than any kind of ring I could have hoped for. It is simple yet elegant and the best part is that it’s on my finger now. I know a lot of people have been waiting for it, especially me and I was so happy.