Tayla and Neil

How We Met

Neil and I met a few Summers back in the North End of Boston. He saved me from two creepy guys at a restaurant bar and bought me a drink, well he’s been paying for those drinks ever since. Ever since that day, we have been inseparable and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’m so happy to know that I found my forever best friend.

How They Asked

For the past couple of Summers, we’ve been going to a place in Maine called the Cliff House which is a resort with a pool, cliff views, and restaurants. We fell in love with it there, not only is it gorgeous, but so relaxing too! We planned to go this May but had to cancel due to the weather, so we booked it for June instead! We arrive on a beautiful June day (6/14/19) and we relax by the pool for the day, have some drinks and food and just enjoy each other’s company. As the night goes on we decide to head back to the room to get dinner.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Oguinquit, Maine

We’re both getting ready and Neil usually takes longer than me to get ready so I didn’t think anything of him taking his time. He knew how much I wanted to get a picture in front of a certain spot showing the cliffs with the ocean view. We finally get downstairs to the spot and there was a family as well as a woman taking pictures in this particular spot. My natural instinct was to ask the family who wasn’t taking a picture while Neil steered to the woman who was taking pictures with her professional camera.

As I turned away to ask the family (without me knowing) the photographer handed Neil the ring in the box that he had left at the front desk for her. We agreed that the professional photographer should take the picture and ask we’re taking the picture, Neil gets down on one knee and proposes. It was absolutely beautiful! After he proposes he told me that he had one more surprise for me, he picked up his phone and said “Come on out”, it was both of our families and they came running out to give us a hug and kiss. It was magical and a moment I will never forget!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Oguinquit, Maine

Special Thanks

Brittany Jones
 | Photographer