Tayla and Matthew

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How We Met

The Mischnock Barn has been a second home to Matthew and I for many years. It is a great place to let loose, learn new line dances, and burn A LOT of calories in 4 hours! Not to mention the great support and loving people that surround you as well :). In the summer of 2014, a very handsome newcomer started to come to the barn multiple times a week. Everyone who goes often knows when new people arrive. However, Matt caught my eye by his ability to dance and pick up line dance choreography so quickly. It isn’t too often that you run into people like him at the barn. I mean who are we kidding, has anyone ever seen a die hard football player learn how to line dance? Haha. Although I was interested, I kept my feelings on the low and decided to scope him out a bit more. Little did I know, Matt had his eye on me since the first week he step foot into the barn and from the first time I gave him “that smile” as he says with my baseball cap on.

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He said he had been learning new dances that I may know in order to gain enough courage to ask me to dance. Anyways, by fate one night I happened to arrive early to the Barn; which all of my family knows I do not arrive early to anything! Haha. There, at last Matt had his chance to jump into my conversation with the bartender. From that point on, he used “his move” as he describes it, by asking if I knew a new partner dance he had just learned. Let’s just say I was very impressed by his dance moves that night and charming personality. It all started with “Lori’s Cha Cha” to reel me in and I was hooked! The more dates, adventures, and experiences we shared; the more I fell in love with Matt and knew he was the one I wanted to spend this crazy thing called life with forever! If it wasn’t for my punctuality that one night at the barn, who knows where our paths might have crossed!

how they asked

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For months, Matthew kept his proposal plan a secret from not only me, but my family as well. As he describes, he knew for the very beginning that I was going to be the girl he would marry. In order to move forward with his surprised plan, Matt met with my father one day and asked for my father’s “little peanut” and last daughter’s hand in marriage. With great joy and excitement my father of course said yes. He is a pretty picky guy when it comes to men dating his daughters; however he loved Matthew from the very beginning and knew he was a perfect match. After receiving my father’s blessing, Matt was able to hide a gorgeous ring from me in his green coat pocket (FYI: that I hung up every single day without knowing) for months until the day finally came. Matt’s plan was to proposed to me on the same month and day we met at the barn, June 2, 2014. Of course many of my family and friends know that I am very clever and can mess up good things that come to me easily. Without trying, I of course almost ruined Matt’s plan completely by catching the yearly viral stomach bug that day. It wouldn’t be a normal life of Tayla if chaos did not occur! With help of a dear friend, Matt was able to get me to the barn that night. To Matt’s advantage, I didn’t socialize and move around a lot like normal due to feeling ill; which allowed him to put together his plan with the owner’s of the barn and other friends around. During one of the many partner dances that we do together, Matt said to me “,you know I love you with all my heart right?” Without hesitation, I said “of course I know that, now let’s get off the dance floor I don’t like this next dance.” Of course, I again almost ruined another moment. Haha. As soon as the whole barn swarmed the lower dance floor, I instantly became confused and turned around to see who they were staring at. Obliviously I thought, oh it must be someone’s birthday. Then to my amazement, I realized that all eyes were on me. When I turned back around, I saw Matt down on one knee with a little black box in hand and a huge smile on his face. He told me how much he had loved me and how eager his was to create our own life together as one.

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Without thinking, I of course said yes (and some other words that I should not mention haha). I was in so much shock and embraced with such excitement with the idea of getting the opportunity to marry my best friend, that I forgot about looking at the ring completely! The ring may be the staple, however it is the undying love and relationship that really makes a marriage. June 2, 2015 became the best day of my life until my wedding day. It is a moment that I will cherish forever. #morInLove