Tayla and Josh


How We Met

Josh and I were introduced by a mutual friend who intended to set us up. My friend’s husband worked for Josh and after they all had dinner one night and Josh had mentioned being single they hatched a plan to set us up. Josh was a known bachelor with his friends and the last of all to settle down. After a few times of group dates we decided to go out for Thunder Beach on Panama City Beach for a date. That was 4 years ago, and now here we are!

how they asked

A couple times a year Josh and I make a trip to Orlando to see my grandparents. This summer was no different. We planned a 3 day quick trip before school and work got too busy and to relax in Orlando at the pools in the perfect weather. For as long as I can remember, my grandmother has wanted to go into a hot air balloon. When we arrived in Orlando, Josh had been laying down for a nap and my grandma mentioned winning a flight on a hot air balloon but was not able to go because of her medication. The expiration was the day we left so it forced us to go the next morning. We got up at 5:45am, headed to the launch site and got started! We were able to help set the balloon up and watch other companies take off as the sun was rising.

IMG_0095 - Copy

It was beautiful! Once we were airborne our pilot kept talking to the other pilots and crew via radio. About 15 minutes after reaching our highest altitude I notice a plane coming straight at us.


At first i’m freaking out then quickly see it’s a banner plane.


As it comes towards us I am anxious to read ( How romantic is this? Someones getting a sweet message on the balloons!) the closer it gets the more I start to make out and realize its a proposal! THEN I realize my name is on the banner!


By time everything registers in my brain I turn around to Josh and he’s on his knee!! Immediately after accepting Josh admits that this was all set up and planned by my grandmother and him. It was the most perfect proposal ever. The sun was rising, all the other pilots on the radio are asking if I said yes and congratulating us, people on the ground are cheering and I get to marry my best friend! There was nothing that could have made this any more perfect!


Afterwards the balloon crew takes us for mimosas and a breakfast buffet in the park and makes us an ornament in the shape of a balloon with the champagne cork and bottle top! It was a super thoughtful souvenir to end the most amazing morning of my life! Even more special to know that my grandmother will always be a huge part of this memory!


Special Thanks

Tom Green
Painted Horizons Balloons