Tawnya and Josh

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How We Met

Josh and I have been dating since we graduated from high school 7 years ago but our relationship actually began in grade 9; we were put into Geography class together and I had never really met Josh before other than just seeing him around. Josh sat right behind me in class and I turned around one day in my happy bubbly overly friendly way and asked him if he wanted to be best friends … and that we were throughout all 4 years of high school. We would hangout, have sleep overs, watch Disney Channel and pig out together but we never crossed the limit of “friends”. Josh was my rock all throughout high school- from high school break ups, silly drama, he tutored me in Math and Chemistry and most importantly while my parents divorced and my whole world changed; I could tell him anything and vice versa. It wasn’t until the reality of having to share Josh with another woman really showed me the way I truly felt about him. He kissed me for the first time in Grade 12 and confessed that he had loved me since the day he met me. We were suppose to go to Prom with two different people. Josh asked my date to take his date so that he could take me. We’ve been together ever since. Sometimes all you’re looking for is standing right in front of you.

how they asked

I was under the impression that it was ” Girls 90’s Night.” We have a friend group on Snap Chat and Facebook; everyone had been laying down all the details; Dinner Friday night at Rino’s for 7 pm Reservations then dance party at Rondo downtown for a 90’s theme! I’m just a go with the flow kinda girl so I just collapsed right into their plan. Little did I know that everyone else had something much different in store for my night. When we got to Rino’s I sat down anxiously waiting to order my food and drink.

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I didn’t notice the large screen placed beside our table because I had never been to this restaurant before. Once the video started playing and I saw my best friend filming me I had a pretty good idea of what was going on, but my Fiance’ went and took it a step further so I would really be SHOCKED. He got a tattoo on his forearm of a pin up tooth fairy to resemble me because I am a Dental Hygienist; and got Thirteen pictures to document the whole entire thing. I obviously said YES !

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