Tawny and Jon

How We Met

It began with a swipe to the right. Jon and I found each other on Tinder, of all places. It was fate. I was an intern here in Portland over the summer of 2013, and took a bus ride home every day. I used that time to look around on Tinder. I wasn’t necessarily planning on meeting anyone.. I am not going to lie, it was his dimples that caught me. I had swiped first. After we had begun messaging, we just clicked—we had so much in common. The first day that we were able to finally meet in person, we had dinner and watched a Beavers game at Buffalo Wild Wings (Oregon State is my alma mater). I was so incredibly nervous. After the game (a win!) we left and in the parking lot he grabbed my arm, swung me around, and kissed me. I had never felt that way before. Two years later, we complement each other in many ways as the best of friends. We drink cheap wine, watch awful movies, and laugh at stupid jokes. I have never met anyone as perfect for me as this man.

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how they asked

I had always thought I would catch on to a proposal, if it were to happen. On this particular day, I was completely surprised. Jon and I both model as imaginary Bride and Groom for local wedding venues, coordinators, photographers, and florists here in the beautiful Northwest. We do so for fun and without monetary compensation. We have done a couple shoots before, and it has been a unique way for us to bond as a couple that is purely ours. On December 18th, 2015, we were scheduled for another. This day didn’t seem to be any different than any other photoshoot we had done. I was so wrong!

After I got my makeup done, we traveled to the venue here in Portland– Enso Urban Winery and Tasting Lounge. I put on the beautiful dress that was picked out for me, and he had his tux. We were ready to shoot. The photographer had barely begun when I realized that I had no ring. How could I be a believable bride without a ring? The coordinator brought out a sparkly pink ring and I put it on. When I turned around, Jon said “I have a better idea”. He took off my pink ring, and got on his knee. He said “Tawny Lynne, will you marry me,” and pulled out a beautiful ring from his pocket, slipping it on my finger. I said, “Are you serious?” because for a minute, I was in shock that it was real—the photographer kept snapping pictures, and for a split second I thought it was part of the shoot. But then it sank in, and I realized this HAD to be real. He was shaking, I was shaking. I sputtered out an “OF COURSE!” and we hugged and kissed in that moment in time that seemed to last an eternity. I had to fan my eyes because my makeup artist wasn’t on site. The photographer graciously gave us some time because I couldn’t calm down. The rest of the day was magical—and I got to wear my REAL ring this time.

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