Tawnie and Cameron

Proposal Ideas Belmont Country Club - Fresno Golf Course

How We Met

Oh boy. We always tell people we have that “Ross and Rachel” from Friends type of relationship. I met Cameron actually through a college boyfriend. After I was split up with that boyfriend, Cameron and I had this spark, but my heart was still hurt from the previous relationship. I knew there was something special about Cameron but kept ignoring the feelings because I needed time to myself in between relationships.

One night when I got off of work (I worked at a local restaurant called Pismo’s at the time) my friend Marcella told me to come to a bar (called Swiggs) for just one drink. I was still in my work clothes and felt icky and didn’t want to go, but she got me to the bar. Come to find out…Cameron was at the bar with some friends and discovered that I was single and we chatted that night and it was so comfortable. I had that ONE drink, Cameron I think had a couple more than just 1… so I ended up driving him home. We talked for 3 hours in the driveway about life, family, hardships, and so much more. That’s when I knew. That’s when I knew I couldn’t ignore these feelings I had about him. And I promise we hadn’t even kissed yet!!

Roll forward a few years and we were more mature and in a good spot in our lives and I moved in with him. We lived together a little over a year before he proposed, and at this time I had known Cameron for almost 6 years.

How They Asked

I lost my dad 7 years ago to leukemia. My father was never able to meet Cameron, but through all my stories Cameron feels as if he knows exactly the type of man my father was. My dad loved golf and he was a member at Belmont Country Club here in Fresno. He played pretty much every weekend & I could remember and he would tell my mom it’s his form of “exercise”. haha! Anyways, since I’ve been dating Cameron, he has gone golfing with my brothers at Belmont on several occasions. He played mostly with my brother Teagan since my other brother Ryan lived in LA. I never went golfing with them just because it was guy time and I enjoyed Cam bonding with my family.

After my dads passing, my family decided to plant a tree and a customized bench in his honor on the 15th hole. We planted the tree and had the bench installed in I believe 2016. It was an emotional yet meaningful day for all of us and now every time my brothers, Cameron or my Uncle plays the course, they take a photo on the bench in memory of Tom Kroll, TK.

In the Fall of 2018, my older brother Ryan decided to move home and we all wanted to get together and do something fun now that Ryan was back home. We decided on a golf day at Belmont. Me, my sis-in-law, 2 brothers and Cameron all went out to play golf. I had NO idea the proposal was happening, I obviously just thought we were doing something fun with the family. Cameron did a really good job at playing it cool all day. He didn’t seem nervous or weird, and he actually played an exceptionally great game of golf.

We got to the 15th hole and my brother Teagan waved me over to take a photo with him on dads bench. I hadn’t seen the bench in quite some time, and the tree had grown and the tears started to flow. We took the photo and then someone suggested Cam and I get a photo on the bench too. Right after the photo, I was about to get up to continue playing golf, and take a sip of my bloody mary…but Cameron told me to hang on one sec. That’s when he got down on his knee!!!!!

A million times yes, I said.

His grandma, mom, my mom and a photographer he hired (which was my girlfriend from high school) were hiding behind the bushes and I cried even more once I realized they were at the proposal too. I loved having a piece of my father, and my family there with us as well to enjoy the special moment.

Tawnie's Proposal in Belmont Country Club - Fresno Golf Course

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