Tavia and Alan

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How We Met

I originally knew my partner Alan as Tom’s “younger brother”. He was really always the funny younger brother my friends and I would see from time to time and we were always amused at his efforts to say hi. After my graduation night, I went out with my friend Ashley C. and some of the girls. We ended up at her boyfriends house for a celebration afterward. I walked in the door immediately noticing the loudest person in the room; Alan. After taking one look at Alan and over hearing his interest in me, I looked back at my girlfriends and said ‘keep Tronsen away from me…”. The night continued and before I knew it our friends had us chatting, laughing, singing, and of course Alan pulling out his famous dance moves….. I guess the joke was on me! Alan assured me that I would be seeing him again. I left Ashley and Lee’s place, without knowing that I had now formally met the person I would soon call my boyfriend.

how they asked

This past December 2016, Alan told me we were going out to Ashley and Lee’s for dinner. He changed plans and told me last minute that Ashley would be picking me up. Ashley picked me up and had been distracting me on our drive to dinner. When we arrived Ashley suggested we go in the back door. I never made it to the back door- because there was Alan standing at the end of a lit up pathway with a lit up arch and sign with lights that read “marry me”. Once again Alan took me by surprise, as he always does, because this time I left calling him my fiance.

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