Tatyana and Nazariy

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How We Met

We met two Easter’s ago at my church, Bayside. I was with some friends and he was with some friends, he was not a regular because he attended his own church. A few of my friends knew him, and went over to say hi. I was on the shy side so I did not say anything to him other than hello. Next thing I know I can’t stop thinking about how Handsome he was, and a week later he found me on Instagram. On April 10th, 2016 we went on our very first date at ricks dessert dine, and from there it was nothing but magic.

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how they asked

October 30th, we had planned a photoshoot with one of his friends. (It was nothing unusual because photoshoots are our thing) But, he got called into work the day of our planned photoshoot. So Sunday, October 29th he tells me his friend freed up his availability and my friend ended up canceling on me because of “Work” too so I said we could just do it today (October 29th) . So we drove to my favorite woodsy/forest area and met the photographer. His friend the photographer took us to multiple locations got photos in all the different places and then he wanted to show us his favorite spot. So the tough part was the dress getting down slopes, so Nazariy (my now fiancé ) was holding me to the right, so I would not fall and so I would not see the lights. We finally get down to what I though was “the creek” and I see lights, so I’m like “wow look at those lights!” And he says nothing back.. and then we’re walking and I see rose petals scattered around, and a heart made out of them. At this point I’m in total shock, So I look at him and say “baby?” And he just drops down on his knee and I just start balling my eyes out (tears of pure joy),he gives me the most beautiful speech and I of course said YES!

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