Tatyana and Jake

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How I Asked: August 30, 2015. I wake up from an anxious sleep. I can’t rest because I know what the day will bring. I get up early and start my day, thinking of how everything will go. I have one last delivery to make to a friend before she leaves to set up the scene. A few miles from me, my girlfriend, Tatyana wakes up a few hours later than me. She said she slept well and wishes me a happy one year anniversary. She has no idea what she’s in for. The plan is to go to church like we always do on Sunday’s with each other, grab a quick bite to eat, and then head out to Carmel, California, the location of where I asked her to be my girlfriend.

At this point I am the most nervous. I am sick to my stomach but I try not to show it. I am constantly getting updates from Tots best friend Jiji, on how the setup is going, and how I am doing on time. We make a quick stop in Monterey to check out the beach to save me some time (we were running ahead of schedule). We finally arrive in Carmel. The beautiful but small city brings back memories of our time there one year ago exactly. I had made reservations for a restaurant called Demetra Cafe and at 5:30pm we are ready to eat. We have a very nice dinner with each other, the chef of the restaurant even came out and played a Greek song in front of everyone.
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At this point I’m the most nervous. I don’t know what to expect. We walk down the streets of Carmel for a few minutes before we head to her truck. As we get in her truck, I take my jacket, which has the ring in it, from the back seat and put it on. There’s also a blindfold in my pocket and I ask Tot to put it on. As we are driving there is not much talking. I am anxiously thinking to myself and Tot is wondering why she is blindfolded. I park the truck just a short walk from the wooden stairs that take us to the beach. We slowly make our way down the stairs, I am holding Tots hand to lead her, making sure she doesn’t trip. Our feet touch the sand. My heart touches my belly.
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The ocean breeze makes contact with our skin and emotions are rising. At this point I think she is making assumptions about what is going to happen. We walk until we reach the rose petals perfectly placed by Tots best friends. I tell her to take off her blindfold. She hesitantly takes off her blindfold but keeps her eyes shut. I ask her to open her eyes. Pictures are being taken of us by Nicole. She opens her eyes and sees Nicole and with tears starting to form she asks “Wait, why are my friends here?” in a way to where at this point she knows what is about to happen.

There is a photo album on the blanket that I had made with pictures and each page having “30 things I love about you”. I read them to her and I can’t help but start to tear up and there is so much emotion in my voice. I read all the way until number twenty-nine and then she asks “is this where I find out number thirty?” I tell her “yes, it is.” I ask her to turn around and she sees all her best friends coming out from hiding in the distance. I get down on one knee and ask her to turn around. Tot is in tears at this point and all around you can hear all her friends crying with joy along with her. She turns around and sees me holding her ring.

I tell her that I love her so much and that I want to spend the rest of my life with her. I hold back the tears as I tell her how much I care for her and want her to be my wife. “Tot, will you marry me”, I ask her. She covers her mouth with her hands as tears roll down her face and she nods as she still tries to comprehend what is happening. I stand up and embrace her. My dreams have just come true. I slide the ring on her finger and asks if she likes it. Still in tears, she is able to spare a few words and says “…it’s so perfect.” Hugs and kisses are collected from her best friends and family as pictures are being taken.

Tatyana, you are the one who is so perfect. You looked the most beautiful as you stood there in the sand with tears of joy running down your face. Our lives are about to change. You just became my fiancé. You are the reason August 30th 2015 was the most perfect and best day of my life up to that point. I will never forget that day. I love you Tottie.
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