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How We Met

Well, definitely cannot say it was rainbows and fireworks when we first met. I started working at Senor Frogs in Orlando, FL (yes, dancing on tables and selling jello shots to make money) when I met a girl named Kayla. Once we started to get to know each other, we obviously started to hang out more. I met her boyfriend who, at the time was best friends with my now fiance Sina. At that point in our lives, we were both dating other people and never really thought too much of one another. In fact, the only reason why I even hung out with him after that was because of Kayla and her boyfriend. PLUS he had a boat so that was a plus. The funniest part about this picture was that we were JUST friends at this point. Who knew it would be a predictor for the future :)

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Fast forward 1 1/2 years later, Kayla and I were no longer friends due to sad circumstances and Sina and I never really saw each other much after our friendship ended. We were both very single at this point and just living life as we should. That was, until one Thanksgiving night. I never use to go home to my parents (NC) for Thanksgiving so I could go longer for Christmas. Well, this particular Thanksgiving I was out getting pretty wasted with some girlfriends, just having the time of my life. I guess Kayla saw my Snapchat and wanted to meet up…and since I was pretty drunk at the time already I agreed. Even though Kayla and I hadn’t spoken for over 6 months, I didn’t want any bad blood. We met up at a bar, and what do ya know…Sina is with her and her boyfriend. Still, at this time, nothing really happened. We all took shots, probably danced a little bit but then I left. Sina says I left with a guy, I didn’t.

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Two days later, I get a random text from Sina, “Are you alive?” haha. A very infamous text between the both of us. I responded with a “yeah I guess” and we started conversating. What turned into a harmless night of drinking ended up being the beginning of our rapidly growing relationship. We started hanging out more, going to dinner together, making fun of people at dinner together, concerts, nights out, binge eating food together, motorcycle rides etc. Funny enough, not until right after New Year’s is when things actually turned into something more. I had just never looked at him in a relationship way (probably because of his buzz cut and gold chain haha), but that all changed! We ended up moving in together a week after we officially started dating on Valentines Day, and the rest is history! Definitely a different version of “how we met”, more like, “how we actually started dating”.

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how they asked

Man oh man, my proposal was something out of a fairy tale. OUR fairy tale. Ever since Sina and I first started dating, travel has always been a HUGE part of our relationship. We spent our first dating anniversary in Bali, our second in Paris sipping champagne under the Eiffel Tower…you get the picture.

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Sina knew that over the 4 years we had been dating, that I had always dreamed of him proposing someplace magical. This past Christmas, he decided to surprise me with new luggage, and two plane tickets to SOUTH AFRICA inside. Holy shit right? If you knew me personally, I have been all over the world. Solo backpacking Europe, road trips across the United States, spontaneously booking flights without any real information on a location. BUT, if you would have asked me any place in the world I wanted to go, it was South Africa.

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Now, I know what you’re thinking. You HAD to of known this was gonna happen right? I mean, 4 years of dating AND your #1 destination? In all honesty, I really didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely hoped it would happen here, but I am way too observant and curious to not know it was gonna happen. It’s crazy that he pulled it off! I know I keep saying the “the funniest part,” but really, the funniest part was that, since I am a travel blogger and own my own social media management company, I decided to find a photographer in Cape Town to take some pictures of us. Why, you ask?

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Well, over the years we just have less and less together and it really made me sad. We go so many amazing places together but never have great pictures to show for it. I ended up #capetownphotographer on Instagram and ended up finding Chelsey! I absolutely adored her style and decided to barter with her…social media help for pictures. She totally agreed and all was set! It’s crazy now looking back like I couldn’t have planned it better for him if I tried. He’s lucky I’m obsessed with pictures.

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Finally, in Cape Town, we meet up with Chelsey for a few drinks to get Sina loose in front of the camera (or to calm his nerves to propose which I obviously didn’t know). We then set out to our “Instagram worthy” destination. Being a travel blogger, most of my inspiration comes from Instagram, so we had to find the perfect spot. Long story short, the wind was blowing 398472347 mph and I wanted to climb a mountain. Not the best idea.

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We proceeded to get on top of a boulder, overlooking Hout Bay. As Chelsey is instructing us to pose, Sina starts to slide the ring on my finger and get down on one knee. Since the wind was blowing so hard and you could barely hear anything, Chelsey didn’t know what was going on and started to scream. TATUM CAN YOU HEAR ME, TURN AROUND AND FACE THE OCEAN. It was hilarious because I pretty much had to put a finger up and tell her, “hold on, he’s trying to propose”. Literally the best thing ever. I mean, can you beat this view?

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What was supposed to be a fun photo shoot turned into an engagement one! Chelsey took us all around, capturing us at one of the happiest moments of our lives. I couldn’t be more in love with this man if I tried.

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