Tatum and Levi

Image 1 of Tatum and Levi

How We Met

Levi and I met at a volleyball tournament in Denver, CO. He was walking around and saw me playing and looked me up on the roster. After the game, I went on my phone and saw he followed me on Instagram and i thought to myself “he’s a very good cute so yeah i’ll dm him”. We talked that night and then we met in person the next day. On his last day in Colorado, he asked me to take a picture with him and I decided to kiss him because I thought I would never see him again so I did just that. I gave him a big kiss and never saw him again until we rekindled in 2020! I guess what’s meant to be will be!

How They Asked

We drove to Papago Park to take anniversary photos because we didn’t have any recent professional photos. For about 30 minutes we walked around to take normal photos and then Levi walked me up this hill and at the top, there was a set up with rose petals on a blanket, lit candles, and a “Will you marry me?” sign set up.

Image 5 of Tatum and Levi

When I saw it I instantly broke into tears! He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and then my family and his popped up out of nowhere to surprise me!

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Special Thanks

Mariah Montoya
 | Photographer