Tatjana and Brian

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How We Met

Brian and I met almost six years ago at the airport in Buffalo, NY. I was traveling in the States for almost two months, and the day Brian and I first met, I had to fly back home to Germany. Brian stood behind me in the security line and tried to break the ice by making a joke, however, my English was so bad at that time that I didn’t fully understand him. After going through security, Brian asked me if he could help me to find my gate (the airport in Buffalo, NY is pretty small so it is easy to find your way around). We both arrived at my gate and after some nervous mumbling, Brian asked me out for coffee because we both still had two hours until our flights. We started talking and the two hours just flew by.

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By the time boarding started, Brian nervously grabbed a business card with his phone number. I found him very cute so I gave him my phone number too. We started texting each other and kept in contact for almost two years until we decided to meet again for a ski trip in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. I instantly felt a deep connection to Brian (even though we only knew each other from texting for two years). Our ski-trip was amazing, we fell in love and started dating. We had a long-distance relationship (Frankfurt, Germany – Buffalo, NY) for the next years until I moved to the States (with my horse) in the summer of 2016.

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how they asked

Brian and I love traveling, so we went skiing in Ischgl, Austria for a week in December 2017. the ski trip was a birthday gift which he got me earlier that year. Brian proposed on the second day of skiing while we were on the slopes. It was sunny with beautiful blue skies. We were going down a black diamond slope when Brian suggested taking a break next to the slope in the deep snow. Back in that moment, I was super hungry and actually wanted to go to lunch. However, Brian seemed excited to stop so he made us “snow chairs” in the deep snow, and we sat down, enjoyed the view while we opened two small bottles of champagne (I knew that we had two small champagne bottles in his backpack because we bought them together – so that was no surprise). Brian started talking about how perfect we are for each other, how much he loves me, and that he wants to spend his life with me.

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He pulled out a ring box and asked me if I wanted to marry him. I was so happy and excited in that moment, of course, I said “YES”. I was so nervous that I forgot to put on the ring so Brian needed to ask me if I wanted to try and see if it fits. He must have been nervous too because after proposing, we realized that he forgot to take his goggles off (his goggles are kind of big and reflective) so I couldn’t see his eyes while he proposed.

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We both laughed at it after because it is just such a typical Brian-move. After the proposal, Brian and I decided to celebrate at a ski chalet on the mountain instead of continuing to ski. We waited to tell my family until we got back from our ski trip so that I could tell them the big news in person. It was the perfect proposal and I couldn’t be happier to marry my best friend.

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