Tatiana and Ulises

How We Met: We met our freshman year in high school. We had two classes together but never paid any mind to each other. Until he switched out and that’s when we started talking as friends. Then after we started getting closer he switched back to be closer to me. From then on, we talked every single day. Stayed up late nights talking for hours about everything. We told each other things no one else knew and we always had a fun time. We held a friendship for 6 months, he was truly my best friend.

At that time I had a boyfriend, but something about him made me realize that he was the one for me. I felt so close to him than I’ve ever felt towards anyone. So I ended up breaking up with my ex and on March 15, 2008, he asked me to be his girlfriend. That same day we had our first date and I can definitely say it was one of a kind. I never felt so much joy in my life to be with someone I knew was my best friend. And ever since then we’ve been inseparable. We do everything together and we tell each other everything. 7 and a half years later we’re still madly in love with one another. And I thank God for placing the most amazing man in my life.

how they asked: On the Sunday of June 7th, we were having a beach party for his birthday and we invited everyone that was close to us, all our family and friends that can make it. We were celebrating his 22nd birthday so I thought nothing out of the usual. We were having a good time with everyone. Then he pulls me to the side and tells me to wait one minute and he will be right back. I felt a little awkward because everyone was staring at me and smiling at me and I was just standing there wondering why everyone was looking at me.

Then I glance over and I see him standing by the trees looking at his phone and I’m wondering why I’m still waiting for him. Then he finally comes over and tells me we’re going for a walk on the beach. My stomach is in knots because I’m thinking, “What is going on? Is he going to do what I think he is going to do?” Then as we start walking I’m expecting him to start talking about romantic things leading him to actually propose, but instead he starts talking about the weather and other odd topics so I instantly think, “nothing’s going to happen.”

After walking about a half a mile we decide to walk back. And as we get closer to where all our friends and family were, I see a huge crowd and I’m thinking, “Oh my goodness. He is going to propose.” So I look at him and ask him, “what’s going on?” He responds, “I don’t know.” With a serious face. So I believe him thinking something wrong is going on. And as we get closer I’m getting more and more nervous and I hear someone yell, “Shark!” So I look out to the water and see nothing.

So I immediately look back at the crowd and as we approach, the whole crowd splits and there are my best friends, sister, and sister in laws holding up signs that say, “Will You Marry me!”

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I instantly dropped whatever I was holding and started crying ! I look over at him and he is smiling the biggest smile I’ve ever seen ! For him to do something this amazing on HIS birthday, showed me how selfless he was.

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It was the most absolute perfect moment of my entire life, and I will never forget the day my best friend asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

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