Tatiana and Seamus

How We Met

In the Spring Semester of Senior Year, I met my now fiance, Seamus Weldon. We had met at a bar called Owen’s (The ONLY bar near campus), but it was very brief. I’m overly friendly and went right for the hug when I met him when he stuck out his hand to shake it. What can I say, I’m a hugger! Seamus apparently wasn’t at the time, but (hopefully) he loves them now! :) After that, I casually saw him passing the halls or then at our activities fair (he was running the ROTC table, and I was running my team’s table – the Financial Wellness Committee).

We had no real conversation until our ‘100 Days’ dance at Stonehill (our college!). 100 Days is a celebration of the 100 days before graduation. It’s more emotional than anything, but we’ll take any excuse for everyone to come together and party!

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I’m not sure exactly what started the conversation off (had maybe one too many that night), but I remember making a joke while standing around the food trays and eating overcooked chicken tenders and day-old spring rolls. I remember him laughing and walking over to him. (That was the first of MANY first moves that I would make) I remember us talking with all of these people around us, but feeling like it was only us in the room. And then (again, queen of the first moves club), I asked if he wanted to dance.

In truth, Seamus is not much of a dancer. And he’d never admit that, but he DANCED that night. At some point (yes, I made the move AGAIN) I leaned in to kiss him. It was incredible. After that, he just kept stepping backward while still holding my hand, looking me in the eyes and chuckling to say “You’re so out of my league”. It was the BEST feeling in the world. I’d just tell him to stop and lean in to kiss him or continue dancing, but he said it at least 10 times that night and I just couldn’t get enough.

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Looking back, all of it was just so incredible to me. You need to understand that Spring semester of Senior Year…you never expect anything to happen. Ironically enough the night before (it was actually my birthday) I had a heart-to-heart with one of my guy friends, Maxwell. I just explained to him that it was the first time in my life where I truly felt comfortable being single. And I meant that. I’d never in my life just felt comfortable with myself enough to know that I didn’t need another person to make me happy. That I am truly in control of my life, and that when things are meant to happen, they will.

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That was the craziest part to me. The day AFTER this conversation, I meet Seamus. This incredibly handsome, intelligent, kind, & funny human. And of all places, the first time we really talk is next to FOOD, my favorite thing in the whole wide world.

From that day on, it wasn’t that we were inseparable, it was that there was nothing left to question. People, especially in college, are always curious about status. Who is he, what are you guys, where do you think you’ll end up? But with every single one of those questions, no matter how many people try to pressure to sway you…there was no doubt. I’ve never worried about us, never doubted our relationship even when we’ve had to move farther and farther apart. I love him, he loves me – simple as that. We’re on the same team and we’ll figure it out.

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how they asked

Before I tell you how Seamus asked, I should explain a bit of the dynamic of our relationship (bear with me). To start, well, Seamus is in the Army. With that, there comes a LOT of unknowns, distance, and just, immobility. We both attended Stonehill College in Easton, MA, graduating in 2017. After that, we temporarily moved back home – Seamus to Matawan, NJ & myself to East Providence, RI. In June I moved to my first apartment in Quincy, MA and in January of 2018, we road-tripped down to Fort Sill, OK to drop Seamus off for training, where he would stay for 6 months. If you’re following the map in these new locations, you’ll see that with every move, Seamus and I distanced ourselves (location wise) just a little more. To top it all off, he had been stationed in Fort Hood, Texas. In between finishing training in OK (June) and moving to Texas (in July – for at least 3 years), we realized we had a small window of opportunity to travel (in the U.S.).

Heck to the YEAH was I making sure we were taking advantage of that. While I appreciate technology today and my ability to FT or call, or getting two see him for a long weekend every few months…distance gets tiring. Even more than that, it gets lonely. While there were and have never been any true issues between us and our relationship, just managing time differences and the distance itself…it’s hard. Very very very hard.

So where did we decide to go to celebrate & vacation for a whole week TOGETHER?! DisneyWorld of course!! At first, it seemed odd, just because we love adventures and traveling…that Disney was almost too easy of a place to pick & travel to? But at the end of the day, it’s always been a dream of mine. All these years I’ve traveled to Disney with my family. Seeing all my family members with their significant others (my sister is 13 years older than me & my brother 11 – so they have always been VERY ahead of the game for getting girlfriends/boyfriends and just…being adults!). I’ve never had someone to hold hands with around the castle in the Magic Kingdom with or take funny kissing pictures with on rides. Is that weird to dream about? Maybe, but I did.

On top of this all there was also an obvious, that Seamus and I are complete children and LOVE rollercoasters. I hope that, whenever we do decide to have kids, that they’ll be able to handle us as parents. That they know we’ll be taking road trips just to go to theme parks and stay up all night playing board games, eating ice cream even though it’s before dinner.

So when Seamus and I decided on Disney, the rest just flowed. We booked our hotels, our flights, and our tickets. While there was some waiting (getting his pass & approval to go…unimportant stuff, obviously), we were just so…happy. I was so excited to see him and just really spend quality time with him. Get to go on rides and eat any & all food with him, but more importantly just BE with him.

I hadn’t recognized any of the obvious cues I should’ve picked up on. The insistence to visit the Magic Kingdom first. The quick agreement to buy the Disney Photo-Pass they offer. Apparently, not even his extreme nervousness the morning of, or how possessive he was being over holding the backpack we were using. I truly, TRULY, just thought he was doing this stuff for me – it was all so justifiable. Of course, we should start at the Magic Kingdom for the trip. How sweet he is to want to get the photo-pass, knowing how much I love photographs & capturing memories! And in the morning, I just thought he was overly excited and maybe even a little anxious to get to the parks!

Even right before it happened, he insisted we go as close up as we could to get a nice picture of us and the castle. I truly just thought he was being considerate, knowing I wanted a nice photo of us at the castle. In retrospect yes, he was being sweet and considerate and (definitely) anxious…just for different reasons & intentions.

As soon as we started to take pictures (really threw him off when I asked to switch sides – hehe!) he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was so quick, and simple, and corny…and it was everything I’ve ever wanted.

It just, it just makes sense – him and I. Seamus is my teammate, my soulmate, and the true love of my life. I couldn’t and I never want to imagine a day without him. No matter what I’m doing or where I’m going, I always want him by my side.

I’ve never had that before, to want someone there even when you want to be alone. And let me tell you, I LOVE my alone time. But with Seamus…I guess I can’t really describe it. He’s just my person, and I appreciate and truly love every second I get to share with him. With that being said, I’ll be moving in with him (To Austin, TEXAS) this October. And in August of 2019, we’ll be getting MARRIED!!! There will be disagreements, and there will be deployments, but we’re going to figure this out. I question a lot of things, but this relationship isn’t one of them.