Tatiana and Michael

Proposal1How We Met: We first set eyes on each other back in 1997 in a 3rd grade class we had together (we could barely remember each other, but it’s the thought that counts). Our little hearts were broken once we had to part ways and go to different schools. Little did we know we would run into each other again in college. God knew that was not our time to be together, so destiny brought us back together in 2012 while out for a mutual friends birthday. From that day on, we were inseparable. The rest is history…

how they asked: Our proposal was the most mind-blowing experience life has yet to bring my way. If I had to describe it in just a few words, I would call it…a fairy tale come true! ‘Til this day, I still feel like I am dreaming and floating on cloud 9. Since day one, Michael has kept me in a daze and did more so on the best night of our lives yet, our proposal on Saturday, March 8th, 2014.

It all began by spending a relaxing weekend at The Viceroy Hotel in Brickell, which I thought was just a way for both of us to unwind and enjoy some time together. I was far from ever imagining this would be THE weekend. I actually thought we were simply taking advantage of the weekend given it was one of our friends birthday, and we would be celebrating a night out that Saturday.

Our Saturday started casually with a nice lunch in Mary Brickell Village. I found out earlier that day the birthday plans we had for our friend were cancelled, however, Michael still had a surprise dinner set up for us that night. Knowing that he is the most romantic and thoughtful man ever, I again, did not think anything different of it. Little did I know this was all part of Michael’s plans.

Dinner was at The Rusty Pelican that Saturday night, which is where the most memorable night of our lives took place. As we “waited” for our table to be ready, Michael took me for a walk outside of the restaurant. The view outside of the Rusty Pelican has by far, the most spectacular view any restaurant can offer. For some odd reason, we were walking slower than usual. All I remember saying is “can we walk a little faster?” Michael smoothly paid no mind to my comment and was really making sure everything would play out just fine. We finally settled in near a fireplace right in front of the Miami skyline view (breathtaking!), and that is where I almost melted as I saw Michael get down on one knee after saying unbelievably beautiful words to me. Before he got down on one knee, I kept kissing him and barely let him get a word in. The best part of it all is, I had absolutely no idea of what was coming, so Michael had to ask me to stop kissing him and let him talk (thought it was funny). My mind was blown away, my heart stopped and my knees shook as I stared into his eyes. Quite frankly, I do not even remember saying “yes”. I was dazed by it all and just wanted to hold onto Michael as tight as possible. I finally landed back on earth after floating on cloud 9 for a few seconds and finally said “yes” as he slipped the ring on my finger.

It gets better…I turn around and see my family and Michael’s family walk our way. My dream was always to have the people I love be a part of this unbelievable day. I could barely eat dinner because I was filled with joy and excitement. I considered this the greatest day of my life. Nonetheless, a proposal, dinner with our entire family was not the end of it. Michael had one more surprise for me. I had no idea where we were headed, but all I can remember is walking up to a room that said “Private Event”. As I made it upstairs, I see people, but it was too dark to tell who they were. Soon enough, I realized it was all of our friends and family yelling “Surpise and Congratulations!” I could not believe any of it, but I am beyond thankful for the support and love that was shown to us. We are truly blessed to have such an amazing group of friends and needless to say, family.

Did I mention I cried more than a newborn baby? What else can we expect? It was a night to remember. I have been swept off my feet by my Prince Charming. He is the greatest fiancé amongst all other things. For that, I am so deeply in love and cannot wait to exchange vows and become one.