Tatiana and Leon

Proposal Ideas Morocco

How We Met

We met through his best friend who at the time was dating my cousin. When we met, we both had different partners. Eventually his friend and my cousin broke up and years later him and I reconnected again, realized we were both single and decided to meet for a bite catch up, after that the sparks flew, since when we originally met we were romantically involved with other people we never interacted enough to realize how much we had in common after a few months of dating we decided to make it official and become exclusive.

How They Asked

We decided to go on vacation to Morocco, While I was making the itinerary for our trip he mentioned he wanted to look into some good restaurants for us to visit and agreed to make reservations. Once in Morocco he informed me of reservations he had made at la Selman ( a gorgeous Moroccan mansion that is now used as a hotel). The reservations were for June 2 which is our five year anniversary however since we we’re vacationing I had no idea what date it was. Once we arrived for what I thought was dinner, a person from the hotel greeted us and invited us on a tour of the place since we had arrived early for our dinner reservations. When the tour was over I immediately mentioned how I wanted to walk around again and take pictures because the place was stunning. My partner then informed me that it was our five year anniversary and he had hired a professional to take pictures of us. As we were posing for the pictures, he got down on one knee and popped the question.

Tatiana's Proposal in Morocco

Special Thanks

Luisdes Diaz
 | Planning
 | Photographer