Tatiana and David's Central Park Proposal

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how we met

Accounting and finance; who would have thought?! But for us it was accounting and finance that brought us to the same public accounting firm in 2012. We both worked as external auditors for KPMG, specialized in energy, and were active in KPMG recruiting. And it was at a recruiting function where we first met–each escorting students to the KPMG suite at Minute Maid Park for an Astros game. A glance, a smile, a quick “how are you”–but there was no immediate connection. Fast forward one year, and there we were again, recruiting & selling the firm to eager young candidates. It was at that point, standing in the firm’s suite, that our eyes met again, and we couldn’t stop chatting. Suddenly recruiting took a back seat and for a moment we weren’t aware of anyone else around us! From that point on, the texts, communicator, and emails started flying more frequent and playful. Connection–there was now definitely a connection!

Shortly thereafter, recruiting played a role in bringing us together again. David was asked by one of the Houston recruiters to sign an out-of-state candidate. And since it’s preferable to include more than one KPMG member at the dinner, guess who was invited? Both of us were set out to sign “BYU Dave” at Ouisie’s Table, a charming little restaurant in Houston. While we maintained complete professional composure in front of our guest we were both secretly to learn more about each other! And we did. A week passed until our first date on a cool Tuesday night at a quaint Houston Italian restaurant. And it was that first date which started the whirlwind romance that culminated in a Christmas time marriage proposal in Central Park.

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how they asked

It was the most romantic walk of my life! When I think about it now, he gave me several clues leading up to the moment. It was Christmas time in the city! David and I were taking our first trip to New York City together from Texas. The week leading up to the trip was very busy. I was working long hours and we had two company Christmas parties before our flight to New York. We were also taking the first flight out to New York on 12/13/14! We had a long, fun filled night at the famous Opportune Christmas party the night before our trip.

At the office holiday party, as the hours passed, David looked a bit worried and anxious to leave the party. Yes! We hadn’t packed, it was getting late and I’d had more than my usual two glasses of wine, but we (or atleast I) were having fun. With less than two hours of sleep and partying all night, we still made it to the airport and to our flight.

At the airport and on the plane, David would rummage through his briefcase every time he moved it! And would not let it out of his sight! Now that I’ve had time to reflect, I remember seeing the hesitation in his face when he wanted to use the restroom on the plane and couldn’t decide if he should leave his briefcase behind.

We made it to the Essex House in New York. Before walking up to the front desk, David asked me to get him some water from the bar. The bar was on the other side of a wall all the way across the lobby. It seemed like really odd timing for the request, but I was too tired to think about it. Knowing him, he wanted to make sure we had a super upgrade since he was proposing. And as he always does, he got what he wanted! It was a great room with a view of Central Park and Broadway Street on the 39th floor.

Our room was not ready, but David wanted us to “freshen up” in their gym locker rooms. He even asked me about his outfit, while I was probably still half asleep.

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Then, we took off for a walk in Central Park across the street. David suddenly started walking very slowly and was really focused on his phone. We walked onto some rocks in the water in front of an old, beautiful, stone bridge. I was looking at the ducks and the reflection in the water when David said: “You are my best friend…”

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“I have known you were the one from the beginning…” at this point, I turned around to look at him. He said one more thing that neither of us could remember even a minute later. Now it all made sense. I already knew what was coming and the tears started flowing… David is now on his knee and has dug a beautiful, sparkling diamond ring from his pocket… “Will you marry me?”

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That moment brought tears to both of our eyes. When we looked around us, there was the loudest clapping as if we were sitting in Madison Square Garden receiving an award. There were hundreds of people surrounding us on the sidewalk and up on the street level, who all witnessed the moment, witnessed the love and all of which combined made the moment the most magical affair either of us had experienced thus far…

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