Tatiana and Alex

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It’s 5 days before our 10 year anniversary, we’ve been together since we were 15 & 16, high school sweethearts and we both just started new jobs and have crazy schedules. The weather this time of year is usually cold, so we figured what better way to celebrate our anniversary then at the snow in Big Bear, California. It was Friday December 12,2014 and I couldn’t wait to be off of work, I knew as soon as I got home we were going to pack our car and head for the mountains, or so I thought. I got off of work at 5:30 and when I went to check my phone I noticed I had several missed calls from brother. I gave him a call and he told me his car battery died down the street from our house and he needed a jump. I was a little confused because he has a brand new car and I thought how could it already be dying, he asked me to call him when im off the free way so he could tell me exactly where he was and and I could meet him. I called my boyfriend and asked him if he could help him because I didn’t want to delay anymore time on our trip, but when he answered he said he had bought the wrong size chains for our tires, for the snow, and had to go back to the store to buy the right ones. So as soon as I was pulling up to our block I called my brother and he said “I’m down the street, you’ll see my lights”, it was night time at this point, I then see my brother flashing a light at me and holding up a sign with the date of my boyfriends and I anniversary 12-17-04 and one of our closest friends behind him with a video camera. I was in shock and didn’t know what to think, my brother then tells me to get in the passenger seat because he is going to drive and our friend gets in the back still recording. So now we are driving down the block heading to my house, he plays the song I don’t want to miss a thing by Aerosmith, as requested by my boyfriend and as we go, we stop by every drive way and there waiting for me is someone very special to me, my best friends, my niece, boyfriends sister/brothers, etc. each of them holding a sign that says something romantic like “you mean so much to me”, “I know we’re ready” and each of them giving me a rose, 10 signs and 10 roses for the 10 years we’ve been together. We then finally pull up to our home, my brother tells me not to ask questions and just to follow him. He opens the door and there waiting for me with a rose in each of their hands and in tears is my parents and my boyfriends parents, at this point I am already balling not knowing what else to expect, they all walk me to our den where there is tons of flowers and candles and video waiting to be played that my boyfriend made for me. They press play and leave me to watch the video alone, the Jason Mraz song “I wont give up” starts playing and pictures from when we first started dating until now started scrolling, the song ends and then Christina Perris “1000 years” starts playing, my boyfriend then comes out from one side and both of our families from another he grabs my hands and tells me how much he loves, how he is the man he is today because of me and how he knows we’re ready for our next step and then he got on one knee and proposed! I couldn’t believe it, such a beautiful and the most romantic moment of my life, I said YES! We celebrated with our friends and family and had such an amazing time and then we headed for the mountains and had the best weekend in Big Bear. Til’ this day I can’t get over how lucky I am to have such an amazing man in my life to call my future husband and best friend and how lucky I am to have had such an amazing proposal. It was the best moment of my life and I can not wait to plan our future together and to celebrate our union as one on March 11,2016!! I do belive in happy endings and so far I’m on that path <3

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