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Adam proposed on January 25th, 2019 while on a weekend getaway as we always do each year. He was a nervous wreck! I kind of “knew it was happening“ but played it off cool, calm, and collected because I didn’t want to shatter his little heart. On the 25th Adam told me we are going to spend the night in the city before we go on our annual getaway to Atlantic City.

I thought to myself … weird why would we do that. He MUST be popping the question in the city. The moment we arrived to our hotel room, he could not stop pacing around, it was precious. In the back of my mind I thought oh goodness when it is going to happen (I hope it’s not in public). Adam told me that we have a little activity planned and then nice dinner reservations. He asked me to “dress nice.”

We got ready and headed out to this anonymous place that he was so antsy about. We arrive to Central Park and he says okay we have a couple of minutes, “Can you guess what we are doing? “ I responded …. “walking ?…” Adam just looked at me and looked at the horse and buggies lined up in front of us . Of course then I knew that was the big secret ! like any other girl I’m sure waiting almost 5 years to get engaged , I start to get nervous and now think to myself “my god where and how is he going to do it?,Will I have an ugly cry face?,Will it be in public?” . Adam and I got on our beautiful horse and buggy and as I get on I notice the back of the buggy says “proposals , bachelorettes , “and something else I can’t seem to remember. My heart sank as I stepped foot into the buggy because I realized it’s NOW that Adam is going to ask me to be his WIFE! Such a beautiful great feeling it was and still is . Adam was so nervous as we got a tour around Central Park , he would keep sticking his hands in his pocket and look at me and say “just making sure I have gum” . Now I’m an awkward person in general in emotional situations but THIS made things even more awkward. If you knew Adam you knew that he was just so nervous and wanted everything to be the most perfect surprise proposal .i tried to hold back my laugh but would occasionally look over at him ,and smile and just hold his hand to possibly calm his nerves for what was about to come. Bless his soul my sweet sweet Adam. We made our last stop at the infamous Gapstow bridge . As the tour guide is talking and telling us all the historic background and famous celebrities and movies that have been here, I couldn’t even tell you half of the information the man said . I was so focused on Adam and this being the LAST STOP of the tour that I just tuned the poor tour guide out.

The tour guide let’s us know we can get off and take pictures , as we did at every stop in Central Park. Adam stepped off and I stepped off and we walked towards the bridge . Holding hands as we went up the side of the bridge Adam asked me to put my purse down. (At this point I start shaking ). Adam starts with “I love you so much .” I don’t know why but my first instinct was to say “stop it , are you going to , don’t do it it , omg omg “ .As I am shaking and possibly saying the worst things I could say in this lovely moment , Adam grabbed my hand and went on his knee and asked me to marry him. The cries , the weird laugh/ giggle / the hugging /the crying then all went away and I was able to just shake my head so slightly and say “yessssss”. I was just as nervous as Adam was , but being me , I didn’t let Adam know that. He knew , he knew me inside and out . We were both nervous wrecks. I hear clicking as soon as I said yes from someone taking pictures of us . I look over as I’m hugging and kissing Adam and Adam says “oh yea I hired a secret photographer too “. This was a public place with so many people on the bridge and now a photographer . All the things I never thought I wanted . But it was perfect , and in the end everything I’ve EVER wanted . Adam had thought this out so perfectly It was like a fairy tail. Who would have thought a i would have been a princess in her carriage with her prince by the end of the night . We got to do an entire photo shoot in Central Park , and am I so glad we did .We celebrated in NYC that night at a great steakhouse and called our closest family members and shared the needs until we got the chance to go home to our 10 year old daughter to tell her the great news. We got to share the news and excitement for about a month .

Me and Adam even put a hold on our venue and decided we would get married in 7 months ! Everything was falling right into place and seemed to be fate that we got our venue , photographer , dj, hair and makeup all booked the weekend we got engaged . A completely stress free engagement with everything falling right into place . February 16,2019 , “the dress “ shopping day . Myself, our daughter (Mia) ,my mother in law and sister in law are beyond excited to go to Lambs Hill Boutique to try on dresses. Adam is also so relieved and excited because knowing that we would get married in 7 months time , he knew I had little to no time to get the dress of my dreams . What I didn’t know is that this perfect magical day ,that I found THE dress , would become my worst nightmare and a day that would change my life for the worst. I got the dress of my dreams and text Adam letting him know .

The last text I sent to Adam was a video of our daughter doing a happy dance with the caption “i said yes “ on video . Adam text me a smiley face saying “great video !!” . After a long day of shopping and lunch with my mother in law , daughter and sister in law , I couldn’t wait to go home and give Adam a huge hug and kiss and tell him about our day ! I guess God had different plans for us. When I got home Adam was barely breathing. Myself and our daughter walked into what seemed to be a nightmare after such a beautiful day. I always say or use to say “everything happens for a reason” . But this , not this . Not us. Why us? Why today? It has been a horrific 6 months since my fiancé , my daughters father , my further husband and best friend has passed . Unlike most my love story has a not so happy ending . But MY love story will always have the great memories and my love for Adam will always live on. I want to share my engagement story with others because it is special to me . It is my memory , my story and my not so happily ever after . I got all the love I’ve ever wanted from the man I’ve always wanted to marry. I’m the girl who never even thought bout marriage until I met Adam . I am beyond blessed I was able to be loved by him and to love him. Although I still cry everyday thinking about what my future and my future wedding would be like , I know for our daughter that our love will always be known and remembered .

Although I lost my future husband I have faith that Adam is always watching over us , our guardian angel who loved us unconditionally.

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We met about five years ago and never did I imagine Adam to be the man of my dreams. They say when you know, you know. Adam always said he knew. Myself … well, I took a little longer. We are the typical friends that turned into lovers. I’m coming to you guys with a different proposal story today. Mine was magical. It was in Central Park on a horse and buggy ride. He was a nervous wreck. I was too I knew that day it was going to happen, I secretly couldn’t wait (but would never tell him that ). I am the stubborn hardheaded not so touchy-feely girl. Adam is big-hearted, filled with emotion and so so loving.

Tatiana and Adam 's Engagement in Central Park

Adam proposed on February 27, 2019. We celebrated that entire weekend and planned a wedding 7 months from now. Our date:September 21,2019. We just can’t wait! Fast forward 27 days, and my worst nightmare has happened. Adam has gone into cardiac arrest and has been unresponsive for 6 days. I pray every single day and have not left this hospital for one night. I know he hears me and cannot wait to jump out of that bed and meet me at the altar. I have hope and faith that the man of my dreams will follow come back to me in whatever condition may be, so we can say our vows. The day I found him at home unconscious I was dress shopping, had the most perfect day, which turned into my worst nightmare. I send this to you so I can tell my fairy tale. I got the proposal of my dreams and the man of my dreams. Not everything is rainbows and sunshine … right now. But I KNOW in the end Adam will be that rainbow and sunshine walking out of this hospital. Thank you for your consideration and a look into my fairy tail proposal.

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