Tate and Brian

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How We Met

I met Brian in 2013 when I joined a volleyball league in Charlotte. I decided instead of committing to a team full time, I would come in as a sub. Brian asked the coordinator of the league if I could join his team as he needed one more. We instantly clicked and became great friends. Flash forward a few months, we went on our first date to a quaint local eatery. Brian charmed me with his fun loving, competitive nature and kind heart.

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how they asked

On a beautiful spring day over Easter weekend, Brian planned a picnic at Freedom Park. Brian had torn his ACL and was recovering from surgery. I was so excited that he was final without crutches and we could enjoy the warm spring weather together. We walked, slowly, around the park and enjoyed the cherry blossoms and each others company. Along the lake at the park, Brian appeared to have lost his footing and I tried to catch his fall. However, Brian was not falling and instead asked me if I would marry him!

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He later shared that he had been practicing how to kneel down to propose at physical therapy! After I said yes and was on cloud 9, Brian drove me to my parents house. Once we arrived, I opened the door to Brian’s family, and our closest friends. He had planned an oyster roast for our engagement surprise and we spent the day toasting, smiling, crying and cheers-ing love!

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Special Thanks

Emily Katharine
 | After we got engaged, we got ask to pose for a styled wedding photo shoot. in return, Emily shot our engagement photos