Tass and Andrew

Image 1 of Tass and Andrew

How We Met

Andrew and I met under very unpredictable, but ordinary circumstances. As future med students, we are very overachieving in nature (as much as we want to deny it) and both of us individually thought it would be a great idea to get ahead by taking summer organic chemistry after our first year of college. Undeniably, the course was rigorous and painful, but filled with many familiar faces — one of which was a friend I had met through Facebook: Vishal. Vishal then introduced me to Andrew and after many messages about ochem lab, our conversations soon turned into an exchange of shared love of certain tv shows, songs, and more. What was very wonderful about how we met was that our story did not start immediately at the notion that we would date, but rather that we were friends first. To me, that was the perfect way to start our relationship.

How They Asked

Huntington Library has always been a special place for me and Andrew. When I was at a very low point in my life, we discovered that there was a feeling of calm and peace there that I didn’t feel like I had in my own life at the time. It became our special place to go as a couple, but when one of my friends invited me and Andrew there to celebrate my birthday, I had no idea that in front of the pond at the Chinese garden, my boyfriend of almost three years was about to propose to me. Once he got down on his knee, he revealed to me that the diamond on my ring belonged to his maternal grandmother who had passed away, which made the moment even more meaningful. After I said yes, I was whisked away to a surprise engagement party with all of our friends (who thankfully had tested negative for COVID beforehand).