Tasha and Michael

how we met

Michael and I met at work during our lunch break! One thing I really love about our relationship is how much we can mess with each other and neither one gets upset. We honestly just goof around so much I that it doesn’t ever feel like our relationship is “dying ” or we are out of that honeymoon type of stage. We are just kids together and is so much fun.

how they asked

When Michael and I started dating we would spend a lot of time just driving around and listening/singing to music. So sometimes when we are looking for a cheap date idea that’s what we usually do. I also love going on walks. So for the proposal he planned a normal date type of thing for us! We drove around, listened to music, and went to different places that revolved around our relationship like, our first date, where we met, first place we lived, etc. He then took me to a park for us to go on a walk and had our friend Shelby hide in some trees and he proposed on the path and she took pictures! It was honestly so simple and amazing! I love that involved our normal type of date!

Special Thanks

Shelby Laine Photography
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