Tasha and Daniel

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How We Met

It was a tremendously tough week for me so my mom invited me down west to Midland, TX. She thought I could use some cheering up after a bad breakup. So I packed my bag and headed down for the weekend. That weekend was busy for West Texas due to one of the biggest music festivals, Crude Fest. My mom just happened to drag me out there, moping and all. This fest is so social and recreational and I was not in the mood, so I plopped my lawn chair down the middle of the crowd and pouted mostly. After a few drinks, and lots of convincing, I got out of my chair and started to loosen up a bit. Hours passed of socializing, some dancing, and fun (yup, I might have said that). Apparently there was a group behind our spot, and one of the girls approached me. She thought she should introduce me to her friend, Daniel. I walked up to a 6’4 man, and introduced myself. We carried on conversing, laughing, and just having a nice time.

We shared a lot in common, but mostly the fact that we love the Josh Abbott Band, and they were playing that night. When they took the stage, we drew closer together and in that moment I think we both felt something special. Because of my life changing so quickly and unexpectedly, I couldn’t help but cry in his arms. Embarrassed that I was such a mess, I apologized repeatedly. He refused to judge be and comforted me. Our night came to an end when my mom was ready to leave, so Daniel and I exchanged numbers and parted our ways. All the way home I wouldn’t shut up about how much of a gentleman Daniel was to me. The next day I anticipated him texting me because of the crying mess I presented myself as, but like always I was fooled. Every day since May 16, 2015 we have grown closer. And the rest is a story.

how they asked

The night of my life came out of the blue. Daniel and his mother planned to take me to see our favorite band(the Josh Abbott Band), where he would later propose. The story is absolutely sweet. We were planning a trip to Vegas and his mom asked if we would like to stop out of our way just to see my favorite band. Daniel played along as if it was a bad idea because of travel time. I was ecstatic to start our vacation off by getting to listen to the band play just like the night we met. The day came to leave on our trip, so we headed off to San Angelo,Tx. When we got to the little Texas bar, I was beside myself. Once they came on stage, Debbie(his mother) mentioned she had entered us into a drawing to win an autographed t-shirt. A few minutes later she claimed we had won! The emotions where high and I was more than happy to finally meet Josh Abbott on stage. Daniel took my hand and off we went behind stage.

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The stage manager explained once the song Dallas Love was over then that would be our queue Josh would be calling us up. He called us on stage to hand me my autographed t-shirt, and I could hardly contain my excitement. I held that t-shirt up, grinning ear to ear, with no idea that the crowd was screaming because of what it said. I turned around to show Daniel and he was on his knee with a ring. The shirt said “Tasha, will you marry me?” Josh Abbott serenaded me with our song She’s Like Texas. I practically melted in my boots! The love of my life out did himself and completely surprised me. I had no idea that a proposal so extravagant would ever happen to me, but I was fooled by a lot when I met the man of my dreams. The video says it all.

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